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Virtual launch of Vredestein’s new Wintrac tyre

The new model represents a significant change of perspective from a tyre intended mainly for driving on snow to an all-round winter tyre, hence the rebranding from ‘Snowtrac’ to Wintrac’. Corresponding even better to European winter conditions in particular, the tyre will join the Wintrac Pro (its ultra-high-performance counterpart) in a new Vredestein Wintrac family. The Wintrac benefits from a new structure and new materials. The improved tread design includes a dedicated V-groove structure with a guaranteed through-hole, ensuring optimal water drainage in both longitudinal and lateral directions. Shoulder blocks contain patented ‘adaptive’ 3D sipes, extending the total sipe length and ensuring excellent winter performance throughout the lifetime of the tyre. An inter-locking mechanism in the shoulder blocks provides additional stability and considerably enhances dry and wet handling performances. The first phase of the production has started in both of Apollo Vredestein’s European plants: the new tyre will initially be available in 27 sizes in 15 and 16 inches, one of which has already been homologated by an original equipment manufacturer (for the VW Golf 8, specifically). A second phase with additional sizes will follow during 2021.

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