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Vipal evaluates its VT110 tire in Spain

Retreading specialist, Vipal, has recently carried out new tests on its new VT110 tires. Since 2018, Vipal carries out evaluative tests on its VT110 tread so as to improve its design and features. The assessments were developed in partnership with Spanish carriers located in the province of Valencia, Tráficos Manuel Ferrer from the city of Alfafar, and Trans Joaquín Buendía from Alaquàs. "In recent years, we have intensified tests on fleets, and we have obtained quite positive results, says Fabrício Nedeff, Vipal's Commercial Manager in Europe, thus, we are able to confirm and prove not only the quality of our products, but the benefits of retreading”. Vipal's VT110 tread is suitable for radial tires fitted on traction axles. Its design is intended to optimise traction capacity and reduce rolling resistance, enabling lower fuel consumption. The grooves were developed with protrusions on the bottom to avoid the retention of stones and objects, providing greater protection to the tire structure against damages. The width of the central blocks has a larger contact area with the ground in order to maximise performance. Furthermore, the reinforced shoulders provide greater resistance to the extreme torque forces resulted from side dragging.

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