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Passion and commitment to the industrial world (trucking, agriculture, earthmoving and special vehicles) are the trademarks of the Prometeon Tyre Group. We spoke about products, networks and strategies with the new marketing manager, Daniel Gainza

Massimo Condolo

The Prometeon Tyre Group, which took over from Pirelli Industrial, is today the only large industrial group committed exclusively to the world of industrial tires (trucks, agricultural machines and earth-moving machines). Pirelli offers a complete range of premium products, while Formula complements the offer with a portfolio of tires that focuses on high quality/price ratio. The catalogue includes a wide range of applications with metal casings, from medium-light commercial vehicles to special industrial applications. As of 2018 the chief marketing officer of the Prometeon Tyre Group is Daniel Gainza, manager with a long experience in many of the main multinationals of the sector. We asked him about the company's development strategies on both products and services.


Are we to expect an integration of Pirelli and Aeolus products and services anytime soon?

"Not really. Prometeon and its brands work independently from other ChemChina subsidiaries, even if there is a common shareholder base. Earlier on, Pirelli Industrial dealt exclusively with truck tires in Europe, while Pirelli agro and OTR were only present in Latin America. Today, following the announcement of a return to the farming sector in Europe the range has been expanded, and we are now also focusing on earth movers and other industrial applications".

How is this expansion affecting your catalogue?

"Truck tires have long been recognized as premium products, and as a result they have to be  periodically updated to stay in this segment. In the farming sector, we are still completing the range but as always we are looking at the high-end of the market, where performances are just as important as soil defence technology, such as high flotation. Pirelli’s reputation was solid even when absent from the European market; another great help came from a consistent and long standing presence on the Latin American market, with a fairly large number of models crossing over into Europe. In the OTR sector (which includes earthmoving machinery and other special applications) we still have some work to do, but new solutions are already under development. In addition further investments have been planned in increasing our production capacity to meet the demand we expect to generate in the future. We also have plans of reviving several products and services in the field of retreads by the end of the year. But we will cross this bridge in due course".

What about the network? Any changes there?

"Obviously the launch of our new product lines cannot neglect taking into consideration our long standing partnerships with dealers who have been already selling our truck tires. They have helped us in our growth and we intend to reward them with new business opportunities. We might look into expending the number of dealer partners, especially in areas where our presence is still quite weak (we aspire to reach 100% of the territory), and attracting new capable network professionals well rooted into their catchment area. One thing is certain, we will not rest on our laurels: Prometeon is a company 100% dedicated to the industrial sector and our number one priority is reliability and respect for our partners".

Did Prometeon’s great experience in the trucking sector prove crucial in returning to the farming and OTR sectors with the Pirelli brand?

"We have the same professional approach. We share the same passion for the world of transport and goods handling. This translates into high value partnerships between Prometeon, its end customers – fleet and independent hauliers - and its network, which is a key element in the company’s strategy. The group’s relationship with customers and network is based on three pillars of equal importance: service, product and partnership; we believe all three are equally important and this sets us apart from other competitors in the premium segment".

Speaking of which, you have just launched a new brand: Pro Services

“Yes. “Pro” recalls both “Prometeon” and “professional”. This package includes services such as 24/7 roadside assistance, centralized billing, the Pro Check tire monitoring system and Pro Finance services to help fleets in purchasing tires".

It might be early days still, but what will happen to Formula? Isn’t Aeolus going to create an overlap?

"That fact that Europe is flooded by tire brands of all kinds is probably an understatement: 140 to be precise, but not all are destined to survive. As far as Formula is concerned, its existence makes sense especially as its service-product-partnership pillars, we previously mentioned, are a winning strategy; outstanding results were obtained even outside Europe and this means we have to strengthen the brand in order to preside market segments that are complementary to the Pirelli brand".

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