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Trucks in Italy now exceed 4 million

In 2011 the number of goods transport trucks on our roads exceeded 4 million. The survey by the Airp Observatory on sustainable mobility which provided this data also showed the growth in the number of trucks from 2007 to 2011 at national level: an increase of 4.7%.
The economic crisis of recent years has considerably penalized sales of trucks. The negative effects of the crisis also weighed heavily on the percentage of trucks in circulation. From 2007 to 2008 growth was about 2%, from 2008 to 2009 it had dropped to 0.8% and in subsequent years it stood at a little under 1% to give total growth of only 4.7% in five years. A modest figure which indicates that, in many cases, transport firms have had to postpone replacing the older and more polluting vehicles that are still in circulation, however. There is a considerable difference from region to region: in the south of Italy, growth was more accentuated, but in the centre-north percentage increases were much lower than the national average.
The difficult economy forces road transport firms to contain costs but without prejudicing environmental and safety aspects. An effective solution is the use of retreaded tyres, which guarantee the same level of safety as new tyres and are also environment friendly because they give tyres a second life, thereby postponing the need to dispose of used tyres.
To be emphasized are the significant financial savings for transport firms given that retreaded tyres cost considerably less than new ones as the retreading process envisages the reuse of casings that are still whole.

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