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Top selling vehicles in the world (and in Italy)

Honda Civic

Car market

Alessio Caprodossi • Journalist / Wired

The car market is one of the most difficult to understand when looking at absolute numbers, as market dynamics differ greatly from market to market, starting with the largest and most influential ones: The United States, China (and more generally the Asian continent) and, to a lesser extent, EU countries. Looking at data provided by Focus2Move, what stands out at first glance are the 93.6 million units sold last year, a figure that marks the first contraction (-0.7% compared to the previous year) after years of constant growth.

In 2019, trends are still negative, with the lowest sales recorded in May: just over seven million cars or - 9.5%. In the first six months of the year the best selling model was the Toyota Corolla (591,181 units although down 2%), just ahead of the Ford F-Series pick-up, especially popular on the “stars and stripes” market (539,181 units), and the Toyota RAV4 (440,596 units up by 8.2% compared to the same period last year). The podium is basically the same as last year, a sign that these models are appreciated despite new arrivals on the market. Stable in fourth position is the Honda Civic, followed by a family rival, the Honda CR-V, which recorded a surge of 15.6% gaining three places in the ranking.

The picture portraits an evident domination by Japanese manufacturers while another giant,  Volkswagen, is going through a difficult period despite 3 models in the top ten (Tiguan, Golf and Polo) but all losing ground: -18.5% for the Golf, Polo at -14.6% and -9.8% for the Tiguan. RAM on the other hand made great strides scoring a +22.5% between January and June. We could not help noticing that the “biggest-growth-margin” award goes to Tesla’s Model 3 (+352.5% with 120,078 cars sold in six months), followed by Volkswagen’s T-Roc (163,931 units sold which equals to a +136.2% and 44th place in the ranking). The negative record, on the other hand goes to Hyundai’s Elantra (-37.3% and a drop from 12th to 25th place), followed by the Ford Focus (-29% and 28th place in the standings).

In Italy, the supremacy of the Panda knows no limits, with more than 90,000 units sold, three times more than the closest rival, the good old Lancia Ypsilon (38,997 units). The Renault Clio, which remains the most popular foreign model in Italy, completes the podium.

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