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Top brands showcase their summer tires

Tyre Change


As April 15 downs, tire dealers are getting ready for the seasonal tire replacement frenzy placing their orders for new summer products

Emiliano Costa

Spring is still a long way off, but for tire dealers, the activity of sending orders to purchase a stock of summer tires has already started. Manufacturers are perfectly aware of this fact and have been busy updating their catalogues since the beginning of January, including the new products for the 2020 season. Replacing tires is a vital step not only for safety reasons -  as temperatures rise, summer tires are better suited to cope with hot temperatures - but also for fuel consumption and vehicle performance. The obligation to use winter tires comes into force on 15 November and expires on April 15 throughout Italy. From this date on it is therefore necessary to use summer tires. 



BFGoodrich is renewing its summer range for the European market with two new products: BFGoodrich Advantage for sedans and compact cars and BFGoodrich Advantage for SUVs. The characteristics of both products are the result of an ongoing research that has led to a new tread compound and larger shoulder blocks. The asymmetric design with the two grooves placed on the outer section of the tread underscores the asymmetry and allows the tire to follow a precise driving line through corners and to drain water. The BFGoodrich Advantage is available in 99 sizes for 14" to 18" wheels, while the BFGoodrich Advantage SUV is available in 23 sizes for 16" to 19" wheels (another 20 sizes will be available in 2021). In addition to these two new tires, BFGoodrich proposes, once again, the g-Grip tire, which is available in 105 sizes for 14" to 19" wheels. 



The Turanza T005 remains the cornerstone of the Japanese company’s summer range. Presented for the first time in 2017, this product has been chosen as original equipment by several car manufacturers. Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 has achieved an A rating in the European labelling system for grip in wet conditions and a B for low rolling resistance, resulting in fuel savings. The available line-up provides A/A level performance. Thanks to the use of Bridgestone's proprietary NanoPro-Tech technology, the high percentage of silica in the compound helps to achieve stability on wet roads while the dense siping in the tread blocks and the groove in the central section of the tread allows water to drain quickly. In addition, the use of this technology helps to limit tire wear. Bridgestone's internal tests confirmed an improvement in the Turanza T005’s performance compared to the current T001 EVO3: about 10% longer tire life. Turanza T005 is available in more than 140 sizes for 14" to 21" wheels.



No shortage of options in Continental’s range of tires. EcoContact 6, suitable for cars and SUVs, has been designed using an innovative compound: GreenChili 2.0. The robust connection between silica and polymer chains allows the tire to adapt to different road surface conditions. It is available in tread widths 145-315, in series 30 - 80 series, and for 13" to 22" wheels with T/Y speed codes. PremiumContact 6 has a special silicone compound that optimizes the contact patch and tread wear. The uniform stiffness of the tread pattern improves comfort driving precision and reduces noise, while the advanced macro block profile enhances cornering stability. The tire is available in 205-275 tread widths, for 12" to 22" wheels with V/W/Y speed codes. Thanks to the new Black Chili compound the SportContact 6 is more flexible and adaptable to the micro roughness of the road. The optimised tread pattern guarantees excellent cornering stability. In addition, the innovative Aralon 350 hybrid textile belt stabilizes the internal structure of the tire when driving at high speed. The SportContact 6 is available in 225-335 tread widths for 19" to 23" wheels with Y speed code.


CST Tire

Adreno H/P Sport AD-R8 is the summer tire designed by Cst Tire engineers for the SUV market. The tread has 4 longitudinal channel to increase water drainage and minimize the risk of aquaplaning. The transversal grooves and a new shoulder design favour low rolling noise and the central grooves have a cordlike profile with an s-pattern that eliminates the vibrations typical of certain types of roads. Since 2019 the sizes in which the Adreno H/P Sport AD-R8 is available for wheels from 16" to 20" have increased. The Marquis MR61 tire has a high silica content in the compound which explains the low rolling resistance and excellent braking. The asymmetrical pattern inside and new shoulder design work together for a wider contact area with the result that tire wear is always uniform. The Marquis MR61 features wide longitudinal channels which, combined with the presence of numerous sipes arranged along the central ribs, maximize road holding. In addition, the alternation and arrangement of the tread blocks go a long way in reducing noise and vibration, while their shape improves performance on different types of terrain. The tread design, combined with the presence of numerous sipes, allows the tire to disperse water quickly and efficiently. The tire is available in different sizes for 13" to 15" wheels. The Medallion MD-A1 has been developed using a new compound and modern technology to provide greater wet traction and low rolling resistance. The design of the shoulder grooves improves low noise levels and even tire wear. The double-angled grooves on the shoulder optimize water drainage and drastically reduce aquaplaning. Medallion MD-A1 is available in different sizes for wheels ranging from 15" to 19".



For the coming summer season, Falken offers a wide range of tires with different characteristics for different vehicles and driving styles. The latest model from the Japanese manufacturer is the Sincera SN110 for small compact cars. Falken engineers have improved both wet grip and wear resistance compared to its predecessor. Symmetrical ribs on the tread ensure uniform contact pressure which reduces friction and improves mileage. Additionally, a shoulder groove provides less tread block distortion and improves braking distance. Meanwhile, the flexible core sipes in the centre of the tire help the central ribs in maintaining their inherent rigidity thus improving stability and grip, even on rough roads. The Sincera SN110 is available in Italy from the spring of 2020 in 49 sizes for wheels from 14" to 16". The SN110 Ecorun model will be on sale in sizes 175/65/14, 185/60/15, 195/65/15 and 205/60/16. The Azenis line offers the FK510 model in 81 sizes for wheels from 17" to 21" inches with speed codes Y or over 300 km/h, and 39 sizes for SUVs with wheels from 17" to 22" inches and with speed codes W/Y. From the same line, the result of decades of experience in motorsport, Falken also offers the FK453 available in 1 size for 17" inch wheels with W speed code. These models have been developed thanks to a series of innovative technologies that have enabled designers to produce tires with high resistance against aquaplaning, low noise levels and even wear. For city cars and saloons Falken offers the Sincera SN832 Ecorun model. This tire, developed with 4D-Nano Design technology, is available in 52 sizes for wheels from 12" to 15" inches with T speed code. One of Falken's latest innovations is the Ziex ZE310 Ecorun available in 106 sizes for wheels from 14" to 18" inches with H/V/W speed codes. Also in the Ziex line is the ZE914 Ecorun available in 95 sizes for wheels from 12" to 18" inches with H/V/W speed codes.


Giti Tire

For the summer season, Giti Tire added 14 new sizes to its flagship range of GitiSportS1 dedicated to cars and SUVs. The entire GitiSportS1 range includes 16" to 20" wheels with V - Y speed codes, and sections from 195 to 275. Most sizes are labelled A for wet grip and C for rolling resistance. Another innovation for the 2020 season is the new Run-flat GitiControl288 tire, which combines Uhp and Run-flat technology. The special support ring and reinforced bead allows the tire sidewall to support the weight of the vehicle in case of a pressure loss. The optimized use of materials reduces the size of the support ring, reducing sidewall stiffness and improving comfort. Micro grooves on the tread offer the necessary biting edges for excellent wet and dry grip.



Goodyear introduces EfficientGrip Performance 2. The tire is designed for cars with 15-18 inch wheels and is dedicated to drivers who are looking for high mileage and high levels of braking performance in both dry and wet conditions. The EfficientGrip Performance 2 has a high tread elasticity and flexibility that reduces tire wear caused by difficult road conditions without compromising performance in virtually any condition. Longer grooves, combined with a more flexible compound compared to its predecessor, improve water evacuation and reduce wet braking distances. While the wide central ribs of the tread ensure greater rigidity and increase stability in emergency situations. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 comes in 45 sizes which will be gradually introduced during the course of the year.



The Korean manufacturer introduced a wide range of products for the summer season such as Ventus, Kinergy and Dynapro. The Ventus S1 Evo2, S1 Evo3, V12 Evo2 and Prime 3 are designed to respond to different driving styles and guarantee performance in both dry and wet conditions. The highly enriched synthetic silica compound allows greater mileage while the increased number of tread blocks ensure better water drainage. On the S1 Evo2 and V12 evo2 the wavy edge design reduces noise and vibration thanks to “stealth” technology. The Kinergy Eco2 is an asymmetrically designed tire. The wide lateral grooves offer resistance to aquaplaning, while a step inside the groove acts as a tread wear indicator, particularly handy when in need to control the level of tread wear. The Ventus and Kinergy tires were also developed for SUVs, as was the Dynapro HP2.



For the 2020 summer season, Kleber offers its Dynaxer HP4 for compact cars and saloons, available in 83 sizes for 14" to 17" wheels, and the Dynaxer UHP, available in 31 sizes for 17" to 19" wheels.



For the summer season Michelin offers a wide variety of products. Primacy 4 has a new tread design that allows a high level of water expulsion even when, according to the manufacturer, the tire is close to the legal wear limit (2 mm tread depth). The Primacy 4 is available in sections of 165-255, 40 - 65 aspect ratios for 15" to 19" wheels with T/H/V/W/Y speed codes. The Pilot Sport 4S boasts Michelin’s "Dynamic Response" technology: consisting of a hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon, which allows for easier handling. The presence of wide and deep longitudinal channels improve drainage and the presence of a new rubber compound based on "functional elastomers" and silica improves wet grip. This tire is available in tread widths 195 – 325 for 16" to 21" wheels with V/W/Y/ZR (Y) speed codes. The same tire also comes in a SUV version, the Pilot Sport 4 SUV, available in tread widths 225 – 325 for 17" to 23" wheels with H/V/W/Y (Y) speed ratings. The Pilot Sport Cup 2, on the other hand, is a track tire equally approved for road use. It is available in tread widths 215 - 345, 25 - 45 aspect ratio, for 17" to 21" wheels with ZR (Y)-Y speed ratings.



The Korean tire manufacturer confirms its summer range and expands the offer. The N'Fera Sport is an Ultra-high performance (Uhp) tire that excels in road handling at high speed and braking. Thanks to its innovative design and structure, the N'Fera Sport offers superior handling and braking performance in wet and dry conditions alike, prevents aquaplaning and boasts a remarkably low rolling resistance. The tire is available in approximately 20 sizes from 17" to 20" inches, 225-265 width and 35-50 aspect ratio. Still in the N'Fera range, Nexen offers the RU1, designed for SUVs, and the N'Fera Primus. The latter features 3+1 wide grooves to prevent aquaplaning. The 3D lateral grooves allow shorter braking distances on dry and wet surfaces. The tire is available in 145-235 tread widths for 13" to 17" wheels with H/T/V/W speed codes. The Nexen N'blue HD Plus is a road tire designed for high performance. The grooves on both the inner and outer shoulder are optimised to handle demanding driving. The compound features hydrophilic fillers and a special polymer microstructure that guarantee excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The 4 wide central grooves, combined with the asymmetric tread pattern, allow the N’blue HD Plus to disperse water and avoid aquaplaning. The tire is available in 145-165 tread widths, 60-80 aspect ratio for 13" to 15" rims with H/T speed ratings.



Nokian Tires, given the growing demand for SUVs and crossovers, offers two premium products for the 2020 summer season: Nokian Powerproof and Nokian Wetproof. SUV tires have been manufactured using Aramid Sidewall technology. The sidewall structure contains an extremely strong Aramid fibre which makes the tires more resistant to impact and cuts. The Nokian Powerproof Suv is a Uhp summer tire with Dual Zone Safety. There are basically two functional areas: the Power Zone on the outer shoulder of the tire - the rigid tread blocks combined with Nokian’s Slope Groove design, ensure a safe ride in dry conditions -, and the Wet Safety Zone on the inner side - the irregular flow grooves divide the central rib and the rib closer to the inner shoulder, thus allowing effective aquaplaning prevention. The grooves have been widened and their sides have horn-shaped notches. Nokian Powerproof is available in 29 models for wheels from 17" to 21" inches with V/W/Y speed codes. The Nokian Wetproof, on the other hand, is designed for small and mid-sized SUVs and features the same technological innovations as the Powerproof. Nokian engineers have also introduced the Responsive Lock system, interlocking grooves designed to support the longitudinal ribs, allowing water to flow more easily from the tire. The Aqua Hybrid SUV compound, made from advanced polymers and an improved silica structure, improves wet grip and reduces fuel consumption. Nokian Wetproof is available in 27 models for 16" to 19" wheels with H/V/W speed ratings.



For the summer season Pirelli enriches its rather wide range with three new products: the P-Zero Corsa, the new P-Zero and the innovative Cinturato P7. The P-Zero Corsa is a tire designed to perform both on both road and track thanks to its racing type tread structure and compound. The tire is available in 225-355 tread widths aspect ratio 25-40 for 19" to 22" wheels with Y speed index. As far as the P Zero range is concerned, the new Uhp product has been designed to meet the needs for customized products in terms of size, technology and seasonality. This tire is available in 225-315 tread widths, aspect ratio 30-45 for 17" to 24" wheels with W/Y speed codes. And as mentioned above the Cinturato P7. Pirelli engineers developed a high performance summer range for cars and crossovers with a focus on wet performance, mileage and rolling resistance. The tire is available in tread widths 205-255, aspect ratio 40-60 for 16" to 19" wheels with V/Y speed codes. In addition to these new products, Pirelli also offers the P Zero Nero GT (available in tread width 195-305 for 16" to 22" wheels with V/Y speed codes), the Cinturato P7 Blue (available in tread width 205-245 for 16" to 18" wheels with H/Y speed ratings), the P1 Green Belt (available in the 155-225 tread width for 14" to 17" wheels with T/V speed codes) and the SUV Green Scorpion (available in the 215-285 tread width for 16" to 22" wheels with H/Y speed codes).



Not to be outdone by the competition, Triangle offers its AdvanteX TC101, whose new generation compound with new polymers and high silica content helps to reduce heat generation and rolling resistance, is available in 31 sizes for 15" to 17" wheels, with H, V, W and Y speed codes and aspect ratios from 50 to 65. AdvanteX comes also in a SUV version: the TR259. Designed to meet the growing demand in the fastest growing market segment in Europe, AdvanteX SUV is available in 31 sizes from 15" to 19" inches, ranging from 235/70R15 to 255/50R19, with aspect ratios from 50 to 70 and H to Y speed codes. The SporteX TH201 is Triangle’s ultra-high performance option. The asymmetric tread pattern allows balanced performance in both dry and wet conditions. Suitable for large displacement cars and SUVs, SporteX TH201 is available in 54 sizes for cars (for 16" to 22" inch wheels, 30 to 55 aspect ratio and V to Y speed codes) and 9 sizes for SUVs (18" to 24" inch, 35 to 55 aspect ratio and W to Y speed codes).



Yokohama's summer season is full of news. The Japanese manufacturer turned the lights on two new tires for Gran Turismo cars, medium and large sedans and the Crossover SUV Touring segment. The BluEarth-GT AE51 high performance model, hence the acronym GT in its name. This tire has an asymmetric tread pattern that maintains stability at high speeds. The tread pattern was also designed to offer lower rolling resistance than its predecessor, lower fuel consumption and even wear. The large longitudinal grooves and numerous transversal grooves maximize the driving precision and help to counteract the danger of aquaplaning. The regular arrangement of tread blocks optimizes the contract patch, in order to increase grip in both dry and wet conditions, the latter increased courtesy of Yokohama’s Nano Blend technology and a special compound mixing process that improves silica distribution. The Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51 is available in Italy in sizes from 15" to 18". In the SUV segment, Yokohama introduced its BluEarth-XT AE61. Designed using the same technology as the BluEarth-GT AE51, the asymmetrical tread pattern and stiff inner shoulder, three large stiff central ribs and a very strong outer shoulder, was specially designed to support the weight of these rather large and heavy vehicles. The BluEarth-XT AE61 is available in a range of sizes from 16" to 20". Thirty years after the launch of the A008, Yokohama unveiled its evolution: the A008P. With the return of this model, Yokohama’s intention is to cater for the vintage market. The evolution of this tire draws much of its inspiration from the older A008 and upgrades it with technologies and performance that make it compliant with current legal requirements. The design remains the same as its predecessor, asymmetrical. It is to all intents and purposes a semi-slick, maintaining traction and grip especially when cornering. Small notches on the shoulder contribute to disperse heat and ensure regular tread wear. Four large longitudinal grooves ensure grip, and work together with a vast array of other grooves and notches to contrast aquaplaning and guarantee grip in wet conditions. The number of grooves changes from front to rear to meet the performance requirements of different vehicles. The A008P is available in two sizes: 205/55ZR16 91W at the front and 245/45ZR16 94W at the rear.

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