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Nothing will ever be the same

Renzo Servadei

 It has been about a year since the pandemic began, and we are all confident that, with the arrival of the vaccine and a timely solution to the logistical and production problems associated with its distribution, we will soon put this predicament behind us. However, apart from the psychological and economic implications, this experience will usher in a number of behavioural changes that will shape our future, the most important of which is a higher degree of digitalisation. With distance learning, whether they like it or not, all children, as well as their parents, have had to purchase a computer, get an internet connection and learn to communicate with the school. Similarly, in the business world, the advent of smart working processes, compelled people and companies to obtain the proper equipment. Given the impossibility of meeting physically, even the least computer literate person has had to learn to use Zoom, Teams and other videoconferencing platforms. As you browse through this issue of the magazine, you will see how both tires with RFIDs and garage equipment are becoming increasingly digital, not to mention the needs arising from agreements with rental fleets. The issue of connectivity, therefore, went from being a debate among specialists to an everyday topic. Following this trend, tire dealers need to acquire a new digital mind-set, which may prove an advantage in convincing sons and daughters to get involved in the business. Tire dealers should therefore consider their presence in the digital world as strategic. The Internet should no longer be viewed as the place where consumers go to buy tires bypassing the dealer. A well-designed website filled with interesting content can represent a sure business advantage, especially at a time when digitalisation processes are fast and relentless.

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