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A new hope

Renzo Servadei

There is a profound difference between reporting facts and events, and writing about history. In the first case it is sufficient to list a series of events, Benedetto Croce referred to it as dead history. However, the second case calls for a deep analysis of the causes that determined the events, their sequence and consequences. From this consideration, we can understand the difficulties in writing the history of facts that are still in progress. Making a parallel with vaccines, synthetizing molecules does not take much time, on the other hand, it can take months and sometimes years to fully understand the potential side effects of a vaccine before declaring it safe or not. This difference between reporting facts and writing about history, however, is also important for economic activities whether small or large. During the last few weeks, the evolution of events is forcing us to write history from current news and draw the necessary conclusions from them. Just go back with your mind to one year ago. It seemed like another world. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, need to think about the future, or as we like to say nowadays, have a vision. What will 2021 be like? We do not have a crystal ball, but we can connect a few dots. First of all, we know that vaccinations will soon begin, therefore one might feel justified to believe that soon the pandemic will begin to regress and by next summer the situation will be almost back to normal. Then we know that the number of vehicles on the road will remain stable, even though some trips will no longer be necessary due to teleworking and online meetings. Many will not feel safe enough to use public transportation and resort to using private means. In any case, emotions cannot travel digitally, so there will be a great desire to see each other again, not only in our free time, but also to do business. In addition, we are witnessing an increased environmental awareness, which is attracting motorists towards vehicles that are increasingly “eco-friendly” and connected, and this is likely to affect the tire sector. So in order to stay in business we need to be aware of the key words: information, training and equipment. Information means knowing the specifications of new vehicles, training means understanding them, while technologically advanced equipment are needed to work on them. One of the greatest lessons we can draw from history is that after every major crisis there has always been a strong recovery, and there are no obvious reasons why things should be different even at this time. If someone is superstitious, not my case, but I respect other people's opinion, we might add that while 2020 was a leap year, 2021 is not, and this too bodes well for the future.

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