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Renzo Servadei

Without making any reference to organisations that were recent­ly forced, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, to cancel or postpone events at the last minute, generally speaking, the choice of po­stponing an event a year earlier rather than at the last minute, makes all the difference in the world for a trade fair organiser from a financial point of view. Waiting in fact, allows them to collect the deposits that, for large events such as trade fairs, represent a significant amounts of cash that would otherwise not be acquired. In many cases, these deposits are held for the next edition. However, as far as the exhibitors are concerned, this uncertainty represents a burden, not only in terms of the advanced payments they had to make, but also on the planning of their activities, hotel reservations, layout of their booths and presentations of new products and technological innovations. The same discomfort is experienced by all those professionals who had planned their visit only to see all their programs frustra­ted. That is why postponing an exhibition well ahead of time, as Autopromotec did, is a sign of real interest and respect for the exhibitor, not just a marketing operation. We all hope that the economic situation will improve and the pandemic will be soon under control, but when it comes to organizing a large interna­tional trade fair with a level of quality equal to the importance of Autopromotec’s exhibitors, one ought to have a clear vision of the current circumstances and the necessary courage to make difficult decisions. Today, several regions around the world are experiencing the peak of the pandemic: believing that the situa­tion will return to normality in a few months must be considered nothing more than wishful thinking. Furthermore, exhibiting companies have to organize their booths well in advance, and as things stand, they would also have to comply with a series of protocols that are hardly compatible with a large and successful international event. In addition, we have the current economic uncertainty to deal with. This is why Autopromotec has favoured to announce, many months earlier, the move to 2022, a year in which all the indicators currently available predict a strong reco­very, making it possible to welcome back our guests and visitors. Naturally, Autopromotec is planning a number of steps leading to the 2022 edition with several events and, we hope, pleasant sur­prises that will allow both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to keep abreast of the great technological developments that the mobility sector is producing on an ongoing basis. Since customer care is an attitude that pays off not only on paper, but also in real life, and is the secret behind Autopromotec’s consistent success for over half a century, we have reason to believe that the 2022 edition of Autopromotec will, yet again, be the best ever. As the great Sun Tzu, author of the book “The Art of War”, that has in­spired leaders (and great managers today), for over 2,500 years, said: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”.

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