Heads held high

Renzo Servadei

If we rule out science fiction plots, for the first time humanity finds itself fighting against a common enemy, which shows that boundaries are only in our minds and that, political opinions aside, the only effective measures are those dictated by science. We have also understood that one can live without much, however one cannot live without transport to support the distribution of medicines and food. We have also realized how much we miss human contact, although we have all learned to use virtual technology. Discussing, sharing, taking common decisions. At Pneurama, we decided to make our contribution in support of the “Heads Held High” initiative, created by Cna Autoriparazione and Confartigianato Autoriparazione, together with Focus Officina (the Quattroruote Professional and Autopromotec training project), but welcoming, at the same time, all those who share the same spirit. This is a bi-weekly Facebook broadcast lasting half an hour from 6 to 6.30 pm dedicated to car repairers, where thoughts and ideas by experts in several fields will be shared along with new projects and, why not, making us feel less isolated. These virtual meetings will be accessible through links (without requiring any installation) that will be published on social pages, and as for the readers of our magazine, our Pneurama and Pneurama Weekly Facebook pages will contain training tips managed by Cisco Webex; also in this case access will be free through links, though limited in number to ensure proper interaction with the instructors who will have the task of illustrating some key elements concerning business management, marketing activities and possible new business. We hope to overcome these difficult times as quickly as possible, but once the acute phase is over things will not be back to normal. The world will not be the same and for a long time. It will therefore be necessary to roll up our sleeves if we wish to get off to a good start. The first initiative, in which Gipa’s automotive statistics expert Marc Aguettaz provided an initial estimate of the effects of the coronavirus on the vehicle repair sector with comments from a number of experts, has been an extraordinary success; to date, the total number of viewers were 4,300. This means that the whole industry has fully understood the organizers’ message “we’re here and we’re determined to go ahead with our heads held high”.