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If not now, when?

Renzo Servadei

Tire dealers have long been struggling with the evils of ELT disposal, the consequence of several factors, first and foremost environmental tax evasion, a problem that sees all the sector’s associations engaged with multiple initiatives. However, further activities are needed in order to tackle the problem. One of these concerns the MD 82/2011, which regulates ELT collection and disposal.

Here too the supply chain has provided the Ministry of the Environment with all the necessary elements to be able to review the existing Decree introducing new measures. However, to date, not much has been done yet.

In essence, the industry’s associations and consortia, albeit with different emphasis, have expressed the need for actions aimed at enhancing the traceability of the system, calling for the creation of a Register for manufacturers and importers of tires as well as a Tire Information Bank at the Ministry of the Environment to be updated at least every six months. Equally necessary is the implementation of measures to regulate the importation of tires through foreign web platforms in order to avoid forms of tax evasion, such as VAT and environmental tax, providing, though limited to online B2C sales, for the figure of an authorized representative and/or the obligation to register with a collective collection system.

Furthermore, it would be equally important, for both manufacturers and importers, to have a mandatory measure designed to collect ELTs corresponding to the types of tires placed on the market, requiring, at the same time, a uniform coverage of the entire national territory, contrasting the tendency to serve only cost-effective and convenient areas. Specific obligations should also be laid down for new importers.

In the end, in an attempt to increase the transparency of the system, all operators must report the quantities as well as the resources received, under the supervision of an efficient control system. The sector is calling for answers as the situation is now critical and things are, sooner or later, bound to get out of hand. Action is needed; now!

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