Mettere il titolo per una nuova UE

Renzo Servadei

In effect, this is a time of great change and history has taught us that, along with undeniable worries, these phases can also be great opportunities.

In the tyre retail sector, in fact, if on the one hand we see an obvious decline in margins determined by numerous factors, which include more or less advantageous offers that can be found on the Internet, on the other hand, we see how vehicle complexity demands ever-increasing qualified professionalism that is often difficult to find outside the specialist retailer category.

 Sometimes operators feel they are alone, but in effect there’s a whole world of expertise, research and development working on proposing new solutions, that really invest in trade and sector specialists to allow them to propose the best solutions to end-users. At Autopromotec in Bologna from 22 to 26 May they will have the biggest representation in the world. Besides which, technological acceleration enables retailers to find new developments that will support their services, an ability that will become increasingly central in the product-service combination that will characterise the repair shops of tomorrow. For example, just consider the need to recalibrate driver-assistance sensors after performing certain operations or, more generally, the electronics that will take on an increasingly important role also in the retailer’s business. This evolution must not be alarming. In fact, companies are working on finding increasingly intuitive interfaces with the operator.

The technological evolution will offer new business opportunities for the category of tyre retailers who are able to recognise them. Besides, in Italy we are fortunate to have the largest concentration in the world of automotive equipment manufacturers who will display absolutely new products. With regard to tyres, between direct participation and through wholesalers it will be possible to find the most suitable solutions for a business. In effect, you have to be well aware that specialist retailers who, over the years, have gained the trust of customers, are still highly capable of orienting buyers’ choices. But the evolution does not only concern products. At the Fair marketing opportunities will showcase the latest proposals from manufacturing companies that invest in trade, from wholesalers and networks that will present retailers with new formulas as well as products. Perhaps for this edition more than any other it is important that all retailers visit the Fair and maybe dedicate more than one day to evaluating the new products. Last but not least, the question of training: at Autopromotec there will be a very wide range of conventions and seminars. No technological innovation is beyond the reach of anyone who wants to tackle it with enthusiasm. Actually, if you have children, like all millennials they’ll probably be excited about the new IT solutions that have penetrated the sector and at Autopromotec they’ll find new reasons for being enthusiastic about the family repair shop. Take them with you to the Fair.

Pneurama will be there, too!