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The survey, which took into account data from both light and heavy transport segments, compares the performance of specialized tire retail networks during the first semester of 2015 with the same six months of the previous year

GfK - Ricerche di mercato


This issue of Pneurama sees the beginning of a new partnership with GfK, a multinational group in the field of market research, which offers reliable information to help its partners in making effective decisions, supported by clear facts and data.

Since 2009, GfK has been surveying the sell-out data of specialized tire retail networks and is now able to provide its partners with reliable information helpful in planning the most appropriate strategies to effectively deal with the many challenges posed by the market.


Light & Heavy duty trucks                                                     

This issue of Pneurama will focus on the most “professional” types of tires surveyed by Gfk, that is Light truck and Heavy duty truck tires.

The survey compares the performance of specialized tire dealers in Italy during the first semester of 2015 with the same six months of the previous year.  

The uneven performance of the light transport segment stands out as striking, with a positive 1,5% growth in items sold, and a peak performance of +3,4% recorded in the month of June. Conversely, looking at the data relating to the segment’s turnover, things take a different turn: the first semester of 2015 showed a declining trend with a -3,5% overall and a -2,9% in June.

This opposite performance between sales volumes and turnover is greatly affected by the growth of imported brands with aggressive pricing strategies. 



Briefly analyzing the issue of sell-out pricing, which greatly affects the dynamics of the tire market besides being a vital topic of discussion, GfK found that in June the average sell-out price (including VAT and tire mounting) of a "budget " tire was 94 €, while the average price of an import was 88 €. Both segments have recorded double-digit growth figures in the first half of 2015, with a slight edge for imports compared to budget products. Therefore, we can safely say that the current trend of the Light Truck market segment is favoring sales volumes over the economic value generated.


Turning now to the heavy transport tire segment, we will consider only  figures relating to new tires, excluding therefore all retreads.

Our sell-out valuation for the tire retail network shows a positive trend for the first semester of 2015. Unfortunately, though, not all the months considered recorded a growing trend, with April as the worst month in sell-out terms.

Despite the seesaw trend, the sales volume generated during the period was up by 0,9%, while June was the best month with figures up by 1,7%.

In terms of turnover, though, things look quite different: despite a positive sell-out, in economic terms, during the month of May, the following month recorded a sudden drop of -4,7%, which negatively affects the semester’s performance recording a negative -4,7% overall.

As far as the two segments considered in this article, there is great anticipation for the second semester, where seasonal tire substitutions could radically change the current picture.


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