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Tire-proof warehouse!



During the 2017 edition of Autopromotec, Mobilfer unveiled its product lines developed around tire storage and management solutions that are not only efficient, but truly “tailor-made”

Nicoletta Ferrini

Everything neatly tucked away in its place. Yet this basic and simple principle is hardly sufficient to guarantee a truly efficient warehouse management service. Making the best use of the available space, in fact, is just as necessary as making it functional for each individual need. Despite the apparent ease, storing a tire is everything but simple, as Umberto Ruggiero Mobilfer’s commercial director explains. During the last edition of Autopromotec – International garage equipment and automotive aftermarket Biennial Trade Show held in Bologna last May 24-28, 2017 - the Vicenza based company, active in producing metal shelving and warehouse equipment for the last 60 years with a special focus on the automotive sector, unveiled its new Mobilfer Wheel System. A line of products designed and developed specifically for tire and wheel storage.

“Automotive components warehouses need specific knowhow and expertise – says Ruggiero. The sector, in fact, caters for an extraordinarily vast number of parts. And among all of them a special niche is filled by tires: a mass produced item with specific storing requirements, which can differ considerably according to the various players in the chain”. 


Custom-made standard solution

The added value of Mobilfer’s solutions lies in the decades of experience gained by the company in the automotive sector. “Over the years, our approach towards the client has developed – says Ruggero – and now our production stems from a constant and direct, open and frank discussion with our client. From mere suppliers to consultants and even partners”. The new Mobilfer Wheel System than, fully embodies the company’s most modern production methods and philosophy: its widely recognized quality and sturdiness, find the perfect balance in a conceptually new solution that combines uniformity and modularity. The entire range of Mobilfer’s product lines have been designed to provide custom-made layouts.  

“We sell capital goods. Our metal shelving can last up to 50 years! – continues Mobilfer’s commercial director -, therefore we believe that our systems must preserve the same practical value and performance even when used in different sectors. That is why – says Ruggero – all our products, despite their specific line of use, are somewhat very similar. When designing a specific solution, we try not to be tied down to the “name” of the product (tires, hardware stores and so on), but rather, we try to focus on our client’s specific needs and requirements”. 


The six sides (plus one) of the same product

Mobilfer products can thus interpret the storage needs of any specialist in the rather complex tire supply chain, from tire dealers to distribution centres. The Mobilfer Wheel System line, in particular, is aimed at those who usually stack the tires on the ground and therefore need a solution that helps them to position the tires in a way that guarantees greater efficiency and speed in collection and delivery operations. Nevertheless, Wheel System solutions have also been developed thinking of those who are already well-structured but are faced with the not so simple choice between increasing the storage area or making a better use of the existing space. “Our mission is to help clients find their way and identify the products that can serve that purpose - says Ruggiero. At times, this may mean designing together a new layout or consider redefining the flow of goods and storage management procedures”.

The Mobilfer Wheel System  includes five types of shelving, to meet the storage and handling needs of entirely different types of goods. Each of these, however, is totally customizable depending on the application required, thanks to different possible combinations with other Mobilfer lines, such as Cabinet System workshop trolleys or Storage Solution accessories.

The easiest shelving line is the Static System. Ideal for a traditional storage system, where tires are placed next to each other in single or double depth shelves. Open System , instead, is an in-line storage system for tires of different sizes which, thanks to a special design, uses the entire floor area without interruption. With this type of solution you get a greater stock density and, compared to a single-depth Static System version, a 20% greater storage area.  Mobile System, on the other hand, is a compactable shelving system that allows for both flexible and high density storage. This solution involves the use of mobile base shelving, equipped with high-capacity wheels, which run on rails fixed to the ground or encased in the floor. Compared to the Static System configuration, this solution offers up to 75% greater storage space. The Gravity System stores vertically a set of four tires that are placed behind each other and are easy to handle thanks to gravity rollers. Identifying the tires by single vehicle models is thus facilitated and thanks to the presence of a mobile partition it is possible to adapt the lanes according to the different size of the tires. Finally, Stacking System allows to pile up a set of four tire sets. Each stack can then be easily picked up and transported using a forklift truck. In addition, the Mobilfer Wheel System includes a range of specific accessories and equipment, such as gravity rollers, removable tops, containers and trolleys. "In order to offer the customer a complete range of products, we have developed, along with an international manufacturer of handling equipment, a range of handling vehicles too," explains Mobilfer's commercial director.

After the official presentation at Autopromotec 2017, Mobilfer Wheel System is preparing to enter small as well as large warehouses held by some of the top players in the tire sector. "The system is already available and our commercial structure is prepared to meet individual needs, concludes Umberto Ruggero, as well as supporting tire dealers, and manufacturers during the upcoming seasonal tire replacement".



What is Mobilfer?

Mobilfer was established in 1959 in Vicenza as a manufacturer of metal structures and equipment for warehousing. In the 1980s, the headquarters were moved to a larger and more modern plant and began to focus its business on the production of storage shelves and equipment. In the first decade of the century, Mobilfer experienced a further evolution: the premises of the Vicenza production plant were enlarged and equipped with the most innovative tools and machines. At the same time, the design office and consulting services were likewise developed.

Starting from the 1990s, the company developed its global presence in a number of other European countries.

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