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Tire dealer 4.0



A single reference for cars, motorcycles and trucks. Assistance from the company in the transition to the digital world, new business opportunities in the field of fast repair and mechatronics. Marco Prosdocimi, Italy sales manager, tells us about the latest developments in the Goodyear Superservice network.

Massimo Condolo

Goodyear Dunlop expands its SuperService network and gives every member the opportunity to offer products for every sector: cars, motorcycles, trucks. Exclusive brands, business support, training and agreements with the large industrial fleets are among the most important points of the offer. We talked about it with Marco Prosdocimi, retail director of Goodyear Dunlop Italia.

SuperService works on three complementary but very different fronts: cars, motorcycles and trucks. Can you explain the reason for this unusual choice?

"We wanted to give our associates the opportunity to be present in all the sectors in which their business experience and geographical location represented an advantage, supporting them in their choices of expansion and consolidation of the market. Of course this is not an obligation – just think about how little sense it would make to set up a point of sale for industrial vehicles in the historic centre of a large city - but it allows all network members to follow both their long standing customers as well as new market opportunities, monitoring the territory capitalizing on any activity, even secondary but profitable, without neglecting the main activities”.

What sort of items is the network offering?

"All our affiliates have three ranges of tires at their disposal: premium, quality and budget. This means being able to meet the demands of any customer, from those who are unwilling to accept any compromise in terms of performance, to those who look for safe tires but are not in the position to invest excessive amounts of money on a vehicle that does not justify a major investment. As for car tires, SuperService dealers are the exclusive distributors of our own brand Kelly”.

What results has this new approach produced?

"Excellent. Our affiliates feel well supported, our presence is rather discreet and gives them the needed freedom of making choices. We do not want to run the show, we want to be there when we are needed”.

Business growth and new technologies require important training support. What is Goodyear-Dunlop's offer for SuperService stores?

"We focus on three aspects: tire technology, communication, management and mechatronics.

Mechatronics seems to be a promising field, vital in keeping up with the times. In which areas do you provide training?

"Whatever can help the tire specialist to combine his activity with maintenance and quick repairs. Our courses focus on braking systems and suspensions on the one hand, and diagnosis and fast fit on the other. The latter includes on-board networks diagnosis and the injection system. We enjoy a multi-brand approach. Now we are taking a good look to the vehicles of the future, starting with electric and hybrid vehicles: it is impossible to think what will the role of the tire specialist be Tomorrow without following in real time the technical evolution of the current circulating fleet".

What about management and communication. What kind of support do you provide?

"In the last 3 years we have established a digital training program, including how to have a good online presence allowing potential customers to find the closest point of sale. In addition, our SuperService package includes management software to support aspects such as invoicing, warehousing and orders. We also teach our affiliate show to place customers in the centre of the picture, enhancing their purchasing experience and the quality of each operation: this cannot be ignored. This approach is proving us right and our dealers recognise it".

Are there any other initiatives to expand your network’s business?

"We have started to propose contracts to have short term rental cars on site. They are real rental cars, not courtesy cars to be used while tires are being changed. These cars are offered to the dealer with a long-term rental contract. The project has aroused considerable interest on the part of the network thanks to its very high quality levels.

On the subject of long-term rentals, we imagine that such agreements are crucial in the activity of the SuperService network.

"Yes, we have signed agreements with all the main operators in the sector, and the satisfaction is mutual: our network is widespread and guarantees the standards of quality and timeliness that rentals demand".

Are there specific figures who follow the dealers in their growth?

"Yes, we have four retail consultants (one for each Nielsen area in mainland Italy) who continuously travel up and down the territory visiting the points of sale. Then we provide continuous support in managing technical issues and commercial transitions".




Goodyear's KMAX (for regional and mixed routes) and FUELMAX (for long distances) commercial drive and directional tires have been renewed with the Gen-2 range which has improved their performance. The KMAX, with double compound, earned a B or C label for fuel consumption (reduced by about 5% compared to the previous generation) and B for wet grip, which has improved by 25%. Mileage is unchanged and resistance to cuts and punctures has improved by 15%. FUELMAX, got a B for fuel consumption and B or C for grip, mileage has improved by 10%, grip by 30% and noise levels have also decreased. Tread ribs have a new design, as do Flexomatic sipes; the tread pattern is self-regenerating. All new casings have RFID tagging which facilitates traceability. The two new models are one of the pillars of the Goodyear Total Mobility offer, dedicated, with tailor-made services, to large and small fleets, with an accurate assessment of the financial impact each decision is bound to have on operating costs. The customer can also rely on predictive tire status monitoring (G-Predict) and fleets can count on more than 2,000 TruckForce network service points.

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