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Pneurama magazine now online

The Pneurama portal is one of the main stages of a wide-ranging magazine innovation project. The many new additions to the portal include “Pneurama Weekly” and the English version of the entire magazine. Many other services are also being planned

This new vision inspired the Pneurama payoff: “The all-round professional tyre magazine in 6D”.


Pneurama is online with its portal The project is a further development of the content and image innovation strategy for the Italian magazine in the world of tyres. The development of the magazine is a way of representing the sector’s strong innovative drive, changes in the market, and of providing professional operators with a tool that is always competent, effective and dynamic.
The portal is a container of complete information where, in addition to the publication of the magazine in text and PDF formats, there are numerous in-depth technical analyses, discussions about regulations, market focus, and “Pneurama Weekly” with information about the tyre world and related sectors.
Also ready to start is the “Pneurama Weekly” newsletter which goes straight to companies that want to be constantly updated on what’s new on the market. To receive the newsletter, just register on the site under “contacts – for receiving the newsletter”.
An interesting new addition to the magazine is the English version of each issue, also published on the portal. The aim of this initiative is to increase the internationalization of the magazine, the printed version of which is already sent all over the world. The portal will be enriched with more initiatives and services, which we will talk about as time goes on.
In recent years, important changes were made to the magazine for a more complete approach that includes sectors close to the tyre world, and to give it a more modern and technical image by graphic restyling. This new vision inspired the Pneurama payoff: “The all-round professional tyre magazine in 6D”, where the 6 “dimensions” represent not only its 6 issues a year, but also its aim to cover the future of the sector.

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