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The new formula

Pirelli re-launches value brand


Fitted as main equipment and complete with the most widespread applications, the Formula line basically consists of a portfolio of products focused on two lines for cars, with one summer and one winter tyre and one for vans.

by Duilio Damiani

An important new addition this 2011 is Formula, the new brand launched by Pirelli that just recently made its debut on European markets, Italy at the head. Backed up by the Italian manufacturer's own contents, the new range intends to establish new references for value brands

The brand is not new, but the product definitely is. The more expert will remember the Formula brand that has been in the Pirelli group's portfolio for some time: its re-launch coincides with a strategic intention to renew its offer in a segment just below the top and represented by the so-called premium ranges. The rich catchment area is comprised of users who are more saving-conscious, which the Pirelli group targets by maximizing its offer with competitive quality products spread over different price ranges.
In this context, the transfer of the Ceat brand which in 2012 - it's not a secret - will definitely pass from Pirelli's hands to an Indian group.
The Formula value brand, which the Italian manufacturer intends to present to a wider public, is the formula - to use the favourite paraphrase of the company's top management - used to rethink the commercial approach to the value brand market, the intention of which is to establish the top of the "medium" segment brands, and re-establish reference standards in the most genuine spirit of "value for money".
The proposal is as simple as it is significant: offer a tempting solution for large fleets and leasing companies as well as individual users who are sensitive to running costs and also careful about driving safety and quality standards.
But an essential aspect seems to be the rationalization of costs deriving from the optimization of production sources; specifically, in the context of the group's recent industrial reorganization, the production of a new range branded Formula will be carried out on the lines of the modern manufacturing centres in Turkey and Romania, factories equipped with latest-generation industrial lines, that will each guarantee a capacity of 2 million units per year.
Moreover, these two industrial sites are also of strategic importance: close to the borders of the main distribution markets and therefore accessible sources, with shorter procurement times thanks to the immediacy and closeness of logistics. Structures that are particularly flexible and responsive to the dynamic demands of the modern market and able to quickly adapt its production rhythms and volumes to cope with peaks in demand linked to the increased seasonality of the market, such as the increasing number of requests of the past two winters for winter products, that are difficult to predict with any precision.


Formula includes a range of products that are a good combination of quality, safety and economy. The aim of the Formula range, which will be positioned behind the so-called premium tyres segment of the market, is basically to offer a sound technological alternative based on the company's know-how and transferred to all its products through consolidated design and production stages.
Fitted as main equipment and complete with the most widespread applications, the Formula line basically consists of a portfolio of products focused on two lines for cars, with one summer and one winter tyre and one for vans.
Specific treads and advanced contents targeting seasonal use but at particularly competitive prices, with the new summer tyre at the top in a wide range of sizes and rims between 13 and 18 inches, a 70 to 40 shoulder ratio, two sections (narrow and wide) between 155 and 225 mm, and speed ratings from T to Y. A range with 34 sizes, all available from the moment of launch and expanding throughout the year up to the point where they will overlap at the top end with the Pirelli high performance models.
Along with the two for cars, an important penetration role will be played by the specific model for light commercial vehicles that have always been more careful about running costs and high mileage.
In view of the gradual expansion of choice, the future could see the introduction of other tyres, for example specific models for SUVs, a sector of particular interest that continues to grow.

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