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The SuperService network

Goodyear Dunlop dealer network

Pneurama interviewed Marco Prosdocimi, SuperService retail manager, who spoke about the specialized dealer network’s numerous activities on behalf of tire and car experts

Massimo Condolo

A year and a half ago Marco Prosdocimi became SuperService retail manager, the Goodyear Dunlop tire specialists’ network that has been supporting the group’s sales strategies (Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda and Sava) with services and proposals for motorists as well as rental fleets. With Prosdocimi’s new appointment, the network revamped its image and activities with new initiatives such as Offerta Dedicata (dedicated offer), which broadened the network’s spectrum of activity; this interview will shed light on some of these activities.


How widespread is the SuperService network nowadays?

We currently cater for about 300 retail points in Italy, but our aim is to increase this number to around 340 within the next two years; twenty-seven new affiliates joined us last year alone.


Who is your target client?

Our proposals, our products and agreements with qualified partners cover most of the needs of private motorists, long-term rental companies and their customers as well as transport fleets. Our tire dealers can choose to join any of the network’s initiative that best suits their customers, their expertise and current equipment. Being part of the 4FleetEurope network, SuperService assists some of the largest rental fleets in Europe.


Are there any limitations and obligations for members of the network, for example minimum purchase quantity clauses, exclusive suppliers or prohibition on selling competitor products?

A SuperService contract is a three-year agreement, where a minimum commitment in terms of purchasing tires from the Goodyear Dunlop group is required, according to the potential of the affiliate. However, an initial evaluation by Goodyear Dunlop on compliance with the minimum quality standards required of the franchisee remains crucial.


Are the network’s retail points easily recognizable?

Absolutely, thanks to a new brand manual and logo, as well as the renovation of our existing stores and new guidelines for our new affiliates, our network stands out as much more dynamic and appealing than before, providing a  general impression of premium quality and, above all, a high level of service.


How does Offerta Dedicata fit in this framework?

In order to promote a greater franchisee loyalty, our partners have access to a number of additional services, including Customer Relationship Management programs with a dedicated advisor, who supports the dealer in managing the store. In addition to this, the opportunity to access the truck tire market through our specialized European network, TruckForce.


So the network’s services go well beyond just tire replacements, do they not?

Absolutely. In addition to traditional tire services, SuperService introduced a series of opportunities for business diversification including mechanical services, starting with the traditional know-how of the tire dealer all the way to more complex mechatronic operations. With new tools and training programs, we aim to make our centers a reference point for mechanical assistance as a whole.


Venturing into unfamiliar fields like mechanical assistance, on-board electronic devices and mechatronics, does this not represent a risk for the average tire dealer?

SuperService aims precisely at helping our affiliates to overcome the initial difficulties, thanks also to our partnership with Groupauto, a multi-brand project. This agreement helps and guides the entrepreneur not only in the choice of spare parts, services, devices and diagnostic equipment, but also in drawing up a business plan for the new business unit.


Are cars, vans and industrial vehicles your network’s only field of action?

Not really, we deal with anything that moves on tires, for example scooters, motorbikes and so on.


What are the benefits to a retailer that decides to join the network?

Joining our network means gaining access to a number of available packages designed to increase the retail store’s business volume and optimize the management of the business. And, last but not least, access to training courses on products, equipment, business management and sales strategies.


How about giving us an example…

This year we organized 17 training days in 10 locations around Italy. The program was named "Digital Tools for real sales" and taught our affiliates how to promote the company, for example, on the Internet, through social networks or by using Google tools. Likewise, we organized another course focused on motorcycles in partnership with Andreani. Furthermore, in September we are going to start a tire fitting and balancing course in partnership with Corghi. We can say that on-going training is a true cornerstone of the SuperService offer.


Are there any special sell-in or sell-out initiatives?

Basically, we plan sell-out activities throughout the year, and two additional programs like SuperAssistance and “6 SuperSicuro”, exclusively for our secondary brand Fulda, go in that direction. As far as sell-in activities are concerned, the network benefits from focusing primarily on Goodyear, Dunlop and Fulda products.


In addition to these programs, what other instruments are there to promote customer loyalty?

Well, SuperService plays its part within the Payback network, an American Express multi-brand loyalty card that allows our clients to purchase products in any of our partner’s stores using points accumulated from any other store in the network. With us you can earn points purchasing Goodyear and Dunlop car and motorbike tires in any of our retail points; these points, then, can be used also to purchase or partially offset the cost of buying products with other participants to our program, such as Alitalia, BNL, Carrefour, Esso, Mediaset, Mondadori and Unipol. In Italy, our network has a potential of about eight million consumers, that is to say one family out of four. Payback initiatives have been the object of many of our recent investments.


Is Payback the only initiative or are there other instruments that your partners can use for market studies and statistics?

For those who adhere to our “Offerta Dedicata” program, we provide other tools, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which includes services based on a wide database able to form a potential client’s profile. It was a rather complex instrument to design, but quite simple to use, and it can customize messages and personalize any offer, so that the dealer will not offer the wrong product to potential clients and these latter ones will only receive what really interests them.


Do you also have a private or exclusive brand for your network?

Not really, though the network has an exclusive commercial program for Fulda products, supported by numerous SuperService exclusive activities, such as sell-out campaigns for seasonal changes and "6 SuperSicuro". In addition to these, we have a number of additional complementary products with the  SuperService logo, including wiper blades, light bulbs, batteries, floor mats, perfumers, tire repair kits, tire shine products, snow-chains, glass degreasers as well as de-icing and waterproof products. All of them are high quality universal products able to meet any customer’s needs.


The SuperService 2016 Convention just ended. Can you tell us about some of the news?

During this year’s event, which we called "in Action" to provide a strong impetus to the whole network in making the most of the programs specially prepared for them, we gave everyone a chance to visit our factory in Kranj, near Ljubljana in Slovenia. There we confirmed, if there ever was a need, the automobile’s central role in our strategies, and restated the importance of the partnerships we established with Groupauto, Texa and Motul, emphasized the importance of "bringing the point of sale to the consumer" through an effective online presence, which will be further supported by SuperService through specific investments in digital tools, including the launch of the new website in 2017. In addition, we turned the spotlights on our new, exclusive SUPERCHECK program, dedicated to the end user, and based on two main features: care and attention to details on the one hand and safety checks on the other. Moreover, we are also looking at offering a "courtesy car" program, in partnership with Arval, with SuperService eye-catching graphics. Finally, in order to support and promote proper  retail store management, our affiliates can count on our ISIGESS system, which will soon receive new specific accounting forms (MySigla) and an automatic estimation program (WebCat), responding to the most advanced management needs of our clients. We closed our 2016 convention introducing the new slogan that incorporates SuperService’s new philosophy : "The tire and car service expert network".

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