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The Michelin man's solutions

The Michelin Solutions program includes Effitrailer, which collects and processes all kinds of data related to trailer and semi-trailer management, such as geo-location and signals from the EBS control unit.

Michelin Fleet Services

Fuel consumption and efficiency trailer management as well as mobility are but a few of Michelin’s fundamental principles in managing fleet services through a dedicated division and a specific brand.


Massimo Condolo

Since 2013, Michelin has been supporting transport fleets through a specific division, Michelin Solutions, which currently employs over 900 people and assists approximately 400 thousand vehicles operating throughout Europe. Seven different offers are currently available: Effifuel, Effitires, Effitrailer and four new digital services. Michelin Solutions works with a team of partners to guarantee the best service to its customers, services such as Tyrecheck, which takes care of inspecting the tires supplied by Michelin. Effifuel’s mission is to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Telematic tools are used in analyzing the condition of the vehicle, driving style and includes a team of experts ready to follow and support companies in improving their processes besides providing quarterly reports for each vehicle in the fleet. The reports includes an Eco-score, which helps to maintain and improve driving efficiency over time. Effifuel includes integrated tire management, outsourcing the tire management to Michelin Solution’s Effitire service,

which focuses primarily on the efficiency of the fleet’s tires, starting from isolating the most suitable tire for each specific job through the advice of a team of experts. In addition, periodic vehicle inspections are performed to ascertain the conditions of the tires (deformations, irregular wear and more). A standardized management system is found throughout the European market; road assistance, either directly or through specialized centres, is active in 32 European countries all year round. Available to the transport company are control instruments that can be shared with a few key figures within the organization through MyPortal, accessible from the Michelin Solutions website. Finally, Effitrailer is a trailer management service which includes tires as well as the efficient use of the vehicles. Thanks to geo-location services and telematics, responsible for checking the proper functioning of each "part" of the semitrailer, reading the necessary data from the EBS control units (including the number of times and how long the driver brakes), companies can program semitrailer maintenance well ahead of time. The system provides automatic alarms related to tire pressure, irregular vehicle use, unauthorized exit from predetermined areas (geo-fencing) and vehicle inactivity. Such data can also be used by logistics managers, for example to program pick up activities at a customer premises located near the vehicle or to notify the customer of an upcoming delivery. Geo-location, vehicle status and alarms are all accessible via the portal. The tools offered by Michelin Solutions make it possible to analyze total mileage, work rate, mileage with a fully-loaded vehicle and efficiency. Effirtrailer too can count on a specialist team ready to support the haulier with 24/7 roadside assistance, guaranteed and on-site assistance within two hours.



The Michelin Solutions proposal is further enhanced by four new digital tools available to fleet managers for planning, vehicle safety, training and driver loyalty.

My Best Route is a digital route planner dedicated to computers and tablets that can calculate costs (fuel, tolls and driver cost) and emissions taking into account the vehicle configuration, weight as well as the type of load carried; thus comparing different vehicles on the same route becomes possible, personalizing their configurations and saving the results. Additionally the system can compare up to six different routes and the company manager can send the chosen route with all the relevant details to the driver’s smartphone.

My Inspection is an app that aids drivers in reporting any problem with the vehicle. Thanks a step-by-step procedure with a checklist, procedures are standardized even if the vehicles are of different models, types and configurations; the possibility to insert images of the detected failure eliminates all linguistic barriers, leaving, however, the possibility to insert comments on the images. Each checklist point has three initial answers: "ok", "problem" and "not applicable"; where the driver digits "problem" a form is opened in which a description can be posted. The Workshop is immediately notified of the break down and the reports remain available for all the drivers using of the same vehicle; everyone can view the previous reports and check if the problem has been fixed. Furthermore, an additional program called “My Rewards”, rewards the most diligent drivers in reporting any mechanical failures. 

My Training, supports remote driver training and guarantees a standard education program simplifying internal red tape and saving time, allowing the driver to focus on his driving rather than the tool, avoiding the typical hazards of using simulations. The system records the history of the different training stages  and plans the following lessons. The instructor can see how the driver is doing in real time and assigns positive or negative points visible on the map (also in Street View to highlight the mistakes made).

My Road Challenge is a "serious game" aimed at increasing driver loyalty and analyzes the driving style recording accelerations and decelerations in real driving conditions. The drivers are classified over 99 levels; the system generates tips to improve driving behaviour and assigns the most virtuous driver points that can be converted into Amazon purchase vouchers, managed through the My Reward program. The company has a specific bonus management system, while drivers can use an avatar to take part in the "game".

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