The CST Orange Point project restarts in Sicily with a new important agreement

Launched towards the end of 2018, the CST Orange Point project is going through, at least in the first few months of 2019, a moment of intense growth throughout the country. Born from an idea of the C.T.S. Tires’ exclusive agent for Italy, B.I.S. srl, the CST Orange Point project has been designed to enhance brand visibility, customer loyalty and offer a better and highly professional service to the entire distribution chain, up to the final consumer. Retailers who are participating in the CST Orange Point project have the opportunity to take advantage of targeted promotional campaigns and a "visibility" package for their store through direct and indirect promotional levers such as exhibition materials, merchandising, as well as dedicated promotions, special offers and exclusive services for their customers. And if the aim of the project is to create a network of selected retailers throughout Italy, Central and Southern Italy is where the efforts have, so far, brought the best results. "In Sicily we have just sealed an agreement of great interest - said Massimo Lippi, B.I.S. srl Car & Motorcycle commercial manager -. One of our wholesalers, Campo Pneumatici, did something extraordinary in bringing together, in a single evening, some of its most important customers, all of which joined our network later. The CST Orange Point project, in fact, aims to create a network of selected dealers throughout Italy able to offer a series of promotions and winning services aimed at both the point of sale and the end consumer. CST ORANGE POINTS’ logo is easily identifiable both locally and nationally. With our partners," continued Massimo Lippi, "who are mostly medium-sized wholesalers and high potential tire dealers ready to stock our tires, we aim to increase the visibility and recognition of the brand throughout the distribution chain right down to the end user. And to do this, we aim to have at least 200 CST Orange Point points of sale throughout the country by 2020. So far, we can rely on almost 70 affiliates, an extraordinary result, the fitting reward for people who, like Giovanni and Anastasia Campo (and not only), have strongly believed in our ideas”.

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