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Terrain Tamer expands Diff Locker range

Terrain Tamer expanded the range of its innovative Diff Locker kits to cover a wide range of off-road applications. Today the Diff Locker kits are available for several 4WD models of important brands such as: Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, just to name a few. The Diff Locker Kit proposed by Terrain Tamer combines in a single solution the ELocker with all the components needed for installation, such as bearings and seals, reducing costs and the time needed to procure the components individually. Kits are available for both front and rear axles. The electromechanical lockable diffs offered by Terrain Tamer are patented and manufactured in Australia. Composed of a strong 4 pinion design, they can be activated manually by simply pressing a button that acts on an electromagnet powered by the vehicle’s battery, doing away with air-compressor-based technology, leaving the driver completely free to lock or unlock the diff quickly and easily when necessary. When locked, the ELocker behaves like a traditional locking diff: 100% of the drive torque is distributed symmetrically at both ends of the single axle, maximizing traction and ensuring greater grip when the off-road vehicle faces potentially dangerous situations, such as very rough terrain or steep gradients. Working in such a way that the axles work independently, the ELocker can be installed with a simple adjustment in the mounting process. The units use parts that do not need to be replaced, such as O-Rings, thus requiring less maintenance. The electromagnetic differential locking mechanism eliminates any complications and costs associated with air compressors and their parts. On the contrary, the ELocker is connected to the diff via two cables with dust and water resistant connections.

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