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Rivolta Automotive: All around tires

Balanced policies and rationalization of the various divisions mark the guidelines of the historic Milan based group, in full recovery thanks to innovations and customer support

Duilio Damiani

The name has been alongside those of tire professionals for decades, has accompanied  motorists on the roads every day and is behind many of the accessories that play an important role on the safety of our vehicles. Rivolta is a brand that has come a long way, with its roots in the tenacity of its founder who, after three generations, has led the Milan group to taking up the challenge with the current market. But this story begins long before the dawning of the last century, when the founder Aristide Rivolta already saw his future in full colonial atmosphere, taking part in the Abyssinian campaign along many young people of his generation. There he came into contact with Indian textiles and footwear companies and started an import -export company. That embryo grew  into a family business strongly projected towards the future.It is in the meeting room of Rivolta Automotive’s modern headquarters, transferred to Pessano con Bornago in 1993 from the historic building in the Farini area , Milan , that we meet Fabrizio Rivolta( third generation), from 1987 firmly at the helm of the company.


Mr. Rivolta, your grandfather Aristide went from shoes, all the way to tires. 

That's right. At the end of the War,  Italy was in full swing and the great rebuilding work meant greater mobility, therefore a growing number of vehicles both on pedals and motorized. Buying out the shares of its Indian partners,  Premjeei & Co. became in 1951 Rivolta & Co., and from this beginning the company developed a parallel sector to fabrics and footwear, dedicated to the world of tires,  for bicycles as well as for cars.



Back then most of the work was performed manually.

This is precisely why my grandfather realized the great potential of assistance and automation , introducing the first machines dedicated to removing tires from the rim, made ​​in cooperation with Hofmann, a German company . These were the years during which the Tip Top patches (self vulcanizing strips) , for repairing punctures became popular , and freed the operators from those awkward and cumbersome operations of tire repair, and is still used today to repair the damage done by the classic nail on the road.



Intuitions setting the guidelines!                                           

Of course, after the passing away of Aristide in 1976, the baton passed to my father Franco, who with similar foresight introduced in Italy the most advanced technologies of the time, like the first vertical shaft balancing machine in history, produced by the German company Schenck, whereby the balancing of a wheel improved greatly compared to a horizontal system up to that time universally adopted.

Distribution of advanced technologies.

Already in 1986, our company signed an exclusive agreement with the American company Hunter , a prestigious leader on the market that supplies its machinery not only to garages, but also to  the most important car manufacturers. Suffice it to mention , for example, Ferrari, who since 1989 has been using Hunter for  wheel balancing and control in its factory in Maranello. The Hunter GSP9700 ( the only one to hold a personal web site , ) , one of the most advanced balancing machines and is still unmatched , thanks to a sliding roller that  simulates the performance of the wheel on a road , subjecting it to a load up to 600 kg . Newly presented at the last Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna, the Quick Check system allows the garage to check , in a few moments , the balancing of the wheels of each car , displaying the results in just 66 seconds , so as to ensure maximum productivity and customer satisfaction , with increased expectations of work for the garage , and without wasting any time.



Not just distribution!

Under the Rivolta logo lies the double identity of the company. Following the recent corporate restructuring, which has seen a reduction of the facilities,  particularly those overseas, and the bicycle sector, a greater focus on the core business,  the automotive industry, has given rise to Rivolta Automotive Srl,  where even greater focus on value and innovation, that have always characterized our philosophy, is placed. The brands that we distribute confirm long-established partnerships, and those we produce continue to meet international recognition. Just think of the quality of consumable materials, the cost of which does not affect significantly the budget of a workshop, but that affects the longevity of a repair, with all that this entails in terms of safety and customer satisfaction.


What about the future?             

In the immediate future we believe that an interesting opportunity will come from the TPMS pressure sensors , which will become mandatory on all new cars from next autumn. Among the main systems, there are  valves equipped with special sensors that we distribute on the aftermarket, supplying both the original parts from the manufacturers, as well as those from the competition,  not to mention assembly equipment and setting machines. Also relating to  research tools, our offer will included in a database available to customers on our website through a search tool, capable of displaying the correct TPMS to be used for any vehicle on the market. Ordering directly from the website and B2B tools available, allows us to deliver the goods throughout Italy in just 24 hours,  maximum of 48 for the islands.


How much does Rivolta believe in personnel training?

The quality of a product is not enough if  is not used or installed properly. Our main products are accompanied by a support and training structure appropriate for the level of technology on which they must operate. For this reason, under the shadow of the Rivolta group, professionals in the industry can, periodically, participate to professional updates held at our headquarters, on the outskirts of Milan, as well as at our customer’s facilities with the support of our Mobile Training Unit throughout Italy, and taught by the most qualified technicians, able to instruct and unravel every question that will emerge on the use and operation of each device.


Always at the forefront  serving our customers!

The recent evolution of customer care has forced the tire dealer to deal also with simple mechanical repairs on the vehicle. Rivolta is always ready to meet the need for these repairs to the wheels as well as the under-body with its lines of products, from equipment to supplies, both nationally and internationally, through its distribution partners. In addition, of course, the synergies with the highest manufacturing companies, among which a lengthy  cooperation with USAG, tools for the professional. The range of partner brands is growing, always taking into full account the parameters of quality and innovation that have always featured throughout our life.


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