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Autopromotec 2017



With the presence of the industry’s major manufacturers, exhibition space will be expanded, with a special emphasis on dedicated equipment. Yet, despite the rich and varied offer, the next edition promises to pay special attention to the many challenges and opportunities the industry has to face

Guido Gambassi

The 27th edition of Autopromotec, the International exhibition specialized in both automotive equipment and aftermarket products, is fast approaching and will be held in Bologna from the 24th to the 28th of May, and the organizers are thrilled to announce that also this edition will mark a considerable growth over the previous one, with more exhibition space, both inside and outside, as projections speak about new record-breaking numbers as far as visitors are concerned (at the close of the official pre-registration date, last October, a +19% was recorded over the same period in 2014). However, one sector in particular has proved more dynamic than most and is steadily growing: the tire sector. The most important news is that, for the first time, all the largest tire manufacturers will participate in the Bologna event as exhibitors – including a few retreading companies, of course. More exhibitors and more products, of course, means also more exhibition space dedicated to the sector, in fact, in addition to halls 20, 22 and 31, already dedicated to tires during the 2015 edition, hall 15 too will also be dedicated exclusively to tires; overall the four exhibit halls will host 231 tire companies, and their new products, with a clear majority of international operators over Italian exhibitors. In addition to the 18,000 square meters covered area, an outdoor area, called area 42 will be added, where other companies in the industry will be able to showcase their latest products. Furthermore, a major change will make visiting the dedicated pavilions easier for all tire fitters and dealers, in fact Hall 19 will be dedicated, for the first time, only to tire equipment, service and assistance: 44 companies involved, with numerous Italian exhibitors, traditionally strong in this specific sector.

Besides the wealth of products and services through which Autopromotec 2017 promises to delight the sector’s specialists, the upcoming edition puts a special emphasis on information and debate, with a focus on the whole supply chain as well as the numerous challenges that the tire sector will face in the coming years. For example, it is a known fact that the automotive industry is the most important industrial sector in the Italian economy, and that the automotive aftermarket amounts for about half its turnover. And it doesn’t end there; the aftermarket includes another sector that on its own generates 10% of the total revenue: the tire sector, a product – or rather a component, as some manufacturers prefer to call it – that despite its importance has not always been perceived as a central element in the industry. However, what the tire world needs nowadays is more attention and tailor-made solutions, given the numerous industrial, commercial, technological, environmental and macro-economic issues currently affecting the industry.

On the one hand the producers, currently engaged in a constant search for new solutions to the needs of end-users in a number of markets, are also committed towards the hi-tech evolution of vehicles especially as far as connectivity is concerned: a hot topic and responsible for great efforts, and investments,  in research and development especially in the field of sensors and telematics, not to mention the endless  applications in terms of services and production processes.

At a time when the idea of a Circular Economy takes on an increasingly central and strategic significance for the industry’s future, the role of the tire hasn’t been completely appreciated, especially in view of the fact that its entire supply chain has represented  – for many years now – the perfect example of the circular model, in which the premium product, after living its first life as a new tire, can be retreaded (with significant savings in raw materials and energy, as well as in economic terms), or recycled and reused, in the form of secondary raw material, in numerous fields of application. On this specific aspect, many of the sector’s associations are engaged in soliciting adequate incentives to support best practices.

Furthermore, at both industrial and commercial level, the scenario has been characterized, especially during the last few years,  by growing competition and relentless technical evolution. The fact that “middlemen” are increasingly being cut out, is having repercussions on all the professional operators involved, which will have look for new and innovative solutions to give their role new luster.

Against such an extremely complex and challenging scenario, the 2017 edition of Autopromotec promises to fully represent the energy currently running throughout the sector, as well as the issues and opportunities that lie ahead, through specific initiatives and in-depth analysis.

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