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In this issue of Pneurama, the usual space dedicated to market Sell-Out trends  – produced by GfK - will take a slightly different approach than usual, and Gfk, as we all know by now, looks at the  monthly Sell-Out figures of Specialized Tire Networks in Italy. In this issue, on the other hand, we will focus on Car Dealers. A distribution channel that, despite making the most of its revenues by selling both new and used cars, is now beginning to look with increasing interest at selling tires

GfK - Ricerche di Mercato

During the final months of 2016, GfK performed a research focusing on car dealer networks, especially those with a repair and maintenance workshop.

About 800 telephone interviews were conducted with the heads of workshops present within a number of Italian dealers. These interviews covered the Italian market as a whole as well as all major car manufacturers present in the country.

GfK analyzed these workshops from an organizational standpoint and aftermarket product sales, with a particular focus on tires. Each analysis took into consideration the type of dealer (with and without an official authorization by car manufacturer), the region and most especially the main car brands sold by the dealer.

The following charts highlight the main themes analyzed as well as some of the results from the research. Table 1 shows the importance or size of the different types of car dealerships in Italy, divided into the four Gfk geographical regions.

In the second Table, dealers with an official manufacturer’s authorization were asked whether other brands were sold, without an official authorization, in their premises. 15% of them admitted to selling other brands, in addition to the ones found in their official mandate.

In table 3, the dealers are analyzed from the point of view of the number of workshops they own. In some cases, those who sell several car brands, own a workshop dedicated to each brand, or a single workshop for all the brands sold.

Finally, table 4, takes a brief look at tires, which was widely discussed in the full research. What is noteworthy here is the fact that as much as 88% of the workshops found in car dealerships in Italy sell tires.

For a deeper look into such topics and an in-depth analysis of the research Gfk can be contacted at the following website

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