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Driven by a strategic renovation, the company aims at investing on new personnel and distribution network strongly focusing on services: new projects and a complete after sales changeover

Francesco Lojola


First the management, then a soft revolution involving personnel and company strategies and now, on the wings of these changes, a new range of services as varied and effective as never before.

A year has passed since Danilo Musso, now at the helm of the Reggio Emilia based company, joined Sipav, and it’s now time for the first assessment, "...although still partial - says the CEO of the company, part of the Cemb group and leader in industrial and automotive balancing systems – things are looking rather good. With a 2015 that looks set to end with a profit, significantly increasing 2014’s turnover. Thanks to new strategies and organizational changes, product development and a strong motivational thrust ingrained in the whole sales network, the goal is well within reach”.

These transformations, passed largely under the radar, were it not for the sharp “change of pace” when it comes to dealing directly with our network’s single retailers: " Our presence in the field is imperative – says Musso – and our closeness to our dealers is testified by our decision to fortify our after sales service offer to fully meet our clients’ needs, through a new segmentation of the target market, with a consequent expansion of our commercial network designed to reach it”.


More experience and know-how                                 

In fact, the number of orders received, that up until last December was substantially stable, experienced a sudden surge that continues today. As underscored by Sipav’s CEO: “Besides offering premium brands such as Cemb and Maha, a fundamental contribution came from the choice of betting on exclusive license agreements, going from Omer lifts, such as the Mig 30 and Star 45 as well as the Kar 55, our exclusive license for the Italian market, to Motorscan products, for MOT test stations”. No doubt, previous working experience also played a pivotal role, with human resources and acquired skills capable of supplying the necessary know-now in dealing with so many different brands. “Our employees – states Musso – are the real asset behind the company’s growth and development. We have carefully considered the profile of both our workers as well as external associates, and we intend to shape them into a qualified and united team”

After the definition of new roles and responsibilities besides introducing new incentive policy, Sipav currently counts on 14 operators and has entrusted its commercial presence to 35 agents distributed throughout the country. “Here too, we took the necessary action, confirming and supporting our agents in their respective field of expertise, and in view of a mutual benefit, we are determined to help them grow, to better meet the needs of their target market”.


Innovation by Cemb               

A renewed portfolio of products, bolstered by Sipav’s OEM agreement with one of the world’s leading tire changer manufacturers whose quality is recognized worldwide, with models designed on Cemb specifications, as well as a number of original and innovative products that Cemb has already unveiled during the Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna, are all expected to make a difference. Starting with the touchless Argos wheel aligner, top-end model credited with a 5-second measurement time. Next, the ER90 wheel balancer, just one step short of the top of the range, the ER100, guaranteeing precision and quick measuring cycles suitable for heavy work-loads, with a setting and balancing time of 6 seconds. With an eye on multi-service garages, Sipav unveiled a premium offer made up by an Argos wheel aligner and a Maha axle damping and braking tester with quick automatic tread measurement system, as well as a quick check offer with the same Argos aligner coupled to a Motorscan roller brake tester.

“With profit margins on tires thinning out, the specialist will have to push hard on services – states Musso – and a quick check system is a good incentive to improve the workshop’s reception. Quick check tread measurements and alignment, in fact, can do much in terms of attracting a potential client”.     

It is no coincidence that Sipav, besides the already existing partnerships with Euromaster and Driver, has recently signed a new agreement with Volkswagen for the supply of workshop reception diagnostic systems.


360-degree services and training                                     

Shortly, Cemb, if we are to believe the latest news, should present its all-new tire changer and, as stated by Sipav’s CEO: "From our side we are insisting on being able to add it to our product range. In so doing, we will have another high-end product as sole agents in our portfolio, completing a supply package aimed at preventing our customers from turning to other suppliers. Obviously we intend to add other new products for exclusive distribution, in addition to the ones currently available”.


On the services side, however, the complete reorganization of the after-sales service is dedicated to fully meeting the needs / expectations of customers. A range of services such as automotive equipment installation and calibration as well as warranty services. A totally direct management system aimed at responding as quickly and effectively as possible to the customer’s needs. Finally, the last chapter of the story relates to training: "First - says Musso – our staff needs to be trained, if it is to measure up to the market’s requirements: we make it a priority to train and upgrade professionals, technically well prepared, and capable of dealing with retailers, highlighting the different aspects of our service-related products. A training program extended to all our sales agents". Great emphasis will be placed on training our employees in the art of receiving clients, one of the tasks assigned to our service network: "For this reason, special courses have been organized within our premises: an element of added value, a differentiating factor. All the more so - concludes Musso - if we consider that service to the clientele is the only decisive lever in tomorrow's market".



BUSINESS ADVICE AND SUPPORT                         

Project consulting and contracts following the obtaining of subsidized loans. Two expressions of the new course of Sipav, a service proposal based on know-how. The first aspect of this program is called CLIO, which stands for Check (car inspections business), Layout (project), Implementation activities, Operational and technical support. In essence, the full Vehicle Inspection package. Under the agreement, Sipav is in charge of the business plan and the whole process, from feasibility studies to post-installation. As the CEO Danilo Musso explains: "Our support ranges from regulatory requirement verification and bureaucratic compliance to a business check-up based on active customers and prospects, with expected revenues, costs and amortizations, as well as the acquisition of all the necessary licenses. The package also includes the periodic calibration of all equipment, guaranteeing the customer not only the certainty of the costs involved but also full efficiency". As for the contracts related to the success of grant applications, these are especially based on Italian or European funds. The latter made available for enterprises over 260 million Euro in contributions for the implementation of measures in the field of health and safety at work. Funds that cover 65% of the costs: "That's how a hi-tech set-up such as Cemb Argos becomes affordable with one-third of the costs".

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