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Michelin X Works and X Multi

Great news from the Frenchtire company on worksite and regional equipment on all types of roads: reduced costs for the most popular worksite size 13R 22,5 and longer life span for the new regionals set to replace the older MultiWay

Massimo Condolo


Total operating costs are important even off-road. Often abused and forced to work in harsh conditions, quarry and worksite trucks need special attention to reduce costs maximizing efficiency at the same time, and just like their long-distance road counterparts, one of the primary aspects to be taken into account is tires. The same applies to tires intended for regional transport, faced with all kinds of climates and perhaps uneven roads with potholes, narrow corners and sharp sidewalks.


Three new ideas for off-road tires

Behind the new range of X Works worksite tires we find three important hi-tech developments. First, Carbion Technology, a material resulting from an innovative mixing process in which certain tread components are mixed when liquid creating a more uniform material that offers high wear resistance. Secondly, 3D double-wave sipes, to improve traction and grip on soft ground; these played an instrumental role in gaining a 3PMSF certification which – as a reminder - is not self-certified as the M + S but is the result of specific tests carried out by independent authorities. Equally important for this certification was the sturdiness of the casing. The third innovative idea, in fact, revolves around the use of lightweight and robust Powercoil steel cables, which reduce rolling resistance and prevents deformation. The Michelin X Works range has expanded to include a 13R 22.5 size, very popular in Italy (where off-road tires make-up 8% of the market with X Works alone having 6% of the total share) as well as other Mediterranean countries such as France and Spain. The X Works are thus available in three sizes; The others are 315/80 and 385/65 (the latter is dedicated to semi-trailers), always for 22.5" wheels. The 13R 22.5 and 315/80 R22.5 are available for both steer and drive axles.


Three ranges for three different needs

The X Works base range is dedicated to vehicles spending most of their time on road and works access such as concrete mixers or garbage collectors. The more robust X Works HD boast a reinforced tread and sidewall, claims a lower risk of oxidation and greater resistance to damage to sidewall and bead and is designed for trucks spending a significant part of their time on construction sites and on unpaved road, with the possibility of a reimbursement in case of accidental damage, proportional to the life expectancy of the casing at the time of the damage. The reimbursement request can be made by subscribing to the MyAccount site of Michelin truck website. Finally, for the most demanding quarries with rough terrain, Michelin offers its All-position X Force with an aggressive tread featuring large hexagonal tread blocks. Considering that grip and traction on dirt roads are common targets, Michelin’s X Works HD and X Force focus primarily on reliability, ensuring a high vehicle uptime, while great mileage performance and reduced fuel consumption are the concepts behind the X Works, which, in its 13R22.5 size ensures 20% greater mileage compared to the previously available range of the same size. All three series, though, are retreadable, an indispensable feature when it comes to reducing operating costs and environmental impact. As far as the European labeling system is concerned, and given the same 13R22.5 size, the X Works  scores a C for rolling resistance, while the HD takes a D the X Force an E; wet grip is rated B for all three ranges, while noise level range from 69 to 74 dB (A) depending on the different models.


News also on regional tires

Regional transport tires, primarily designed for heavy duty vehicles, are also receiving a new life. The X Multi range replaces the X MultiWay 3D, promising a 15 to 20% longer service life. With superior handling in mind, the X Multi come in four versions: an all-position or drive axle 315/70 R22.5 and a steer and trailer axle 385/55 R22.5. The tread is larger than in the past: the steer axle version, for example, was increased by 6 mm. This enhances the contact patch and, at the same time, reduces wear and tear. As many as four cutting-edge innovations were used by Michelin engineers in designing and producing these new tire series: Carbion (compound) and Powercoil (steel cables) already featured in the X Works range, in addition to Infinicoil (a continuous steel wire – which can be as long as 400 meters – wrapped around the tyre to provide it with greater stability throughout its lifetime) and Regenion, with self-regenerating tread blocks, supported by MICHELIN mold 3D metal printing technologies, providing solid grip throughout the tire’s lifetime and in any condition. The X Multi are also retreadable and customers will no doubt also appreciate the fact that the price list, has remained substantially the same as the MultiWays.


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