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Super Truck the first consortium dedicated to truck tire specialists

Customers and manufacturers become partners: Prometeon and its dealers give life to an innovative formula that brings different truck specialists together

Guido Gambassi

"SuperTruck is a group of entrepreneurs that used to be Prometeon clients and have now become its partners": this is how Marco Solari, CEO Europe of Prometeon, summarizes this new and innovative relationship between the Prometeon Tire Group and its customers. SuperTruck is, in fact, the first consortium entirely dedicated to the truck tire sector, whose members, besides the 6 founding companies, all independent tire dealers, include Prometeon itself as a consortium promoter. An "aggregate of professionalism", to quote the words of Solari, that includes, for now, Industrial Gomme Group from Bedizzole (Brescia), G.D. Gomme from Magnano (Milan), Pneusmarca located in Villorba (Treviso), Rinaldi Gomme 2012 based in Suisio (Bergamo), T Pneumatici from Avezzano (L'Aquila) and Spiezia Tires in Nola (Naples); a group of entrepreneurs who, side by side with the manufacturer, will coordinate the consortium activities through its assembly and board of directors. According to Prometeon's estimates, in fact, the number of consortium members will rise to 20 by the end of this year, and then to 50-60 consortium members by the end of 2020.


Joint activities for a mutual objective

"Synergy is the key word", was Solari’s comment during the opening of the first consortium store, held on July 9 at the headquarters of the Pneusmarca dealer in Villorba: "synergy between the entrepreneur and the group. The consortium was created to establish a common thread that unites all the group’s entrepreneurs. The idea behind the consortium is that everyone benefits from the presence of the others. The strategy looks favourable, and for a number of reasons: while, on the one hand, the close proximity to the other consortium members will provide Prometeon with a privileged position on its reference market, the other member companies, on the other hand, can benefit from the industrial knowledge and tools of a multinational company. Planning and working together, therefore, to achieve a common goal that, in the case of the SuperTruck Consortium, means developing and strengthening the economic and productive resources of each individual consortium members. The principle, in fact, is to "enhance and increase the members’ know-how," said the President of the SuperTruck Consortium, Francesco Antonacci, during the opening event in Villorba. Each member will benefit from sharing tools and services which, faced individually, would mean greater costs. All this without losing one’s business independence, essential within this legal model: "each consortium member must act autonomously, otherwise he would not be doing what is good for the consortium", explains Solari.


“A joint effort on behalf of the client”

The strategies of each individual company, therefore, converge into a composite system, a "container", as Solari has defined it, in which each member can place its offer. No consortium member can impose its own vision on the others, and even Prometeon, which certainly represents the strongest entity within the group, has no interest in imposing its own vision on the other consortium members. On the contrary, it shares the company's mission, looking at building a future "together". This is why the SuperTruck consortium decided to focus on collaborations and knowledge transfer. Training and information are in fact some of the founding elements of this project, just as important as a well defined identity and a strong market recognition of the products and services. In an increasingly diversified market, being competitive means offering the end customers, in this case transport fleets, products and services suited to their needs: as Solari points out, in this current scenario "market operators must be able to work as a team through new forms of collaboration, always respecting and strengthening the individual’s characteristics". Therefore, within the consortium, the customers can approach any dealer to purchase products – perhaps even obtaining favourable sales conditions, or zero interest loans – and then turn to SuperTruck for services, notes Solari. "The consortium does not wish to impose anything on the individual retailer," assures the manager, "but rather, its desire is to assist the retailer in building the right offer for a particular customer”. The same is true for public and private tenders, for which SuperTruck will create a specific organisation in the future.


A business model open to all retailers

A consortium open to all Prometeon dealers (the board of directors will examine and evaluate the applications): against payment of a membership fee, each dealer can move from being a customer to becoming a real partner, says Daniele Favaro, owner of Pneusmarca, who added: "Thanks to this formula we are able to enhance and increase each member’s expertise, proposing top class solutions at the service of commercial fleets. Prometeon's intention is to export the consortium into the rest of Europe, proposing it as a new distribution model. "The consortium represents the ideal solution to guarantee independence, coordination and support for each individual member, through transparent, clear rules of governance and shared activity plans, but always in full respect of each member’s individuality", comments President Antonacci.

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