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Newly designed vehicles rely on computers well concealed beneath the dashboards. A collection of advanced precision tools designed to prepare specialists to cope with the growing requirements surrounding Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, developed to guarantee greater driving comfort and protection for on-board passengers as well as pedestrians. Increasingly popular and sophisticated, ADAS represent a challenge for body shops and garages alike, a challenge, though, that could result in greater business opportunities. Even the simplest repair or maintenance work, in fact, can affect one or more of these devices. A precise and efficient ADAS recalibration system can therefore open up new business perspectives. The EZ ADAS recalibration system is an advanced precision instrument kit, easy to use even for those with little confidence in this type of technology. Once the axle geometry has been intuitively determined, the rapid positioning of the laser guided targets guarantees an accurate and error-free result. The entire recalibration procedure takes place in a few simple steps - up to 40% less than most systems on the market - with a significant increase in productivity. The new EZ ADAS system consists of only three elements that are easy to handle, easy to position and easy to store away after use. At home with most existing wheel alignment systems (including all John Bean and Hofmann wheel aligners), the EZ ADAS works in perfect synergy with all SUN diagnostic tools (PDL3200, PDL4100, PDL5600 and PDL8000). Within 5 seconds, the entire SUN diagnostic range is ready for work. Thanks to the automatic identification of the vehicle, a global code scan can be started in just 30 seconds, creating a pre - and post- repair report. The EZ ADAS recalibration system is the result of unparalleled experience in automotive diagnostics and deep confidence in SUN's OEM procedures. To date, and even more in the coming years, EZ ADAS equipment represents a true benchmark for the workshop that aims to keep in step with the times.

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