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Smart diagnostics with Laser Examiner and elight headlight tester



Working experience will hardly suffice when dealing with new and increasingly advanced vehicles. Workshops are also changing rapidly and new technical skills and innovative tools are needed to keep up with the changes. 

Dino Collazzo

Working experience will hardly suffice when dealing with new and increasingly advanced vehicles. Workshops are also changing rapidly and new technical skills and innovative tools are needed to keep up with the changes. Precise checks and data analysis allow operators to avoid wasting time and offer increasingly targeted services to their customers. This is the idea behind TEXA’s launch of its LASER EXAMINER and its e-Light headlight tester. The first measures brake disk wear with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre without having to remove the wheel from the vehicle. You can also measuretire tread wear using a simple adapter. The eLight headlight tester, on the other hand, is used to calibrate headlights electronically, given the growing complexity of modern lighting systems.



TEXA’s LASER EXAMINER is a small instrument with an elongated shape and ergonomic handle designed to measure a vehicle’s brake disc wear through a magnet embedded in the tip of the tool without having to take the wheel off. The stem shape has been specially designed to make operations simpler, even when brake discs might be difficult to reach due to the particular shape of a wheel, whether made of alloy or steel. It is also possible to use the LASER EXAMINER, using a special adapter, to measure the tread wear. Regular checks on tires and brakes become so easy with this tool that customers will benefit from timely reports on the condition of their wheel units, ensuring a professional service promoting customer loyalty over time. In order to check and manage the information coming from the measurements of brake discs and tires, TEXA has developed a practical software application to be installed on a Windows PC or AXONE Nemo, to be used in combination with the LASER EXAMINER. Through a simple graphic interface tests are quick and easy. The menu is divided into three types of measurement: disks, tires and fast check. Accessing this last section, operators can perform a quick check of the conditions of the brake discs and tire treads wear as soon as a vehicle enters the workshop, providing customers with concrete evidence of the state of their vehicle at the time. A complete report can subsequently be printed and delivered to the customer.


Brake disc wear check

Using the LASER EXAMINER is rather simple, all the operator has to do is place the instrument on the disc using the magnet located on the tip. A button will send a laser beam right through the disc itself. Once the image has been captured it is then analyzed through a micro-camera. The LASER EXAMINER processes the data in real time and compares it with the minimum preset value. The comparison is not data-based only, it is also visual, and provides the operator with an immediate picture of the situation.


Tread wear control

Tread wear also needs to be checked regularly. A worn out tread increases a vehicle’s instability and the risks of damaging the tire while, in case of rain, the dreaded phenomena of aquaplaning, with the consequent loss grip, becomes ever more insidious. The LASER EXAMINER is equipped with a special head with magnetic coupling able to measure the residual depth of the tread within seconds. The instrument, once placed on the tire, sends a laser beam on the tread and supplies the needed results objectively and quickly.


eLight headlight tester

TEXA's new eLight headlight alignment system derives from our understanding that headlight clusters in modern vehicles are becoming ever more sophisticated and are also being integrated with other electronic components such as radars, cameras and steering assist systems. In just a few years, headlights have been transformed from mechanical components into electronic systems. eLight is the first toolof its kind to integrate electronic diagnostics.

eLight lets you work on headlights without having to switch continuously between alignment tool and diagnostic tool, and therefore cuts the time needed to complete a job by up to 50%.
The system is available in two versions, ONE and ONE D. Both share the same hardware but while ONE communicates with AXONE Nemo and AXONE 5 display units to perform headlight alignment tasks, ONE D features a 7 inch, TFT, colour touch screen that lets you select and activate the various components of the headlight. Working with it is extremely simple: once the miniature Navigator NANO S interface is plugged into the vehicle's OBD socket it communicates with the eLight system via Bluetooth, identifying the vehicle and listing all the procedures required. If headlight adjustment is required, the integrated diagnostic system automatically switches the relevant control units to “setting” mode.  Thanks to an aluminium body, eLight is lightweight and can easily be mounted on a trolley. The system incorporates a Fresnel lens that is much larger than those used by our competitors (340 x 200 mm) to cater for different sizes. eLight comes with a CMOS camera and laser visor for maximum photometric precision according to the strictest specifications of vehicle manufacturers who can demand, for example, reading accuracy of +/- 0.1% vertically and +/- 0.2% horizontally. Thanks to its built-in diagnostic capacity, eLight can also analyse the additional segments found in highly evolved lighting systems like AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) and GFHB (Glare Free High Beam). Another extremely useful function is the ability to print activity reports on a built-thermal printer, to show the customer as proof of the work done.




TEXA, specialized in the design and production of diagnostic and remote diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers and maintenance stations for a/c devices, is a company with a long tradition behind it. Founded in 1992 by Bruno Vianello, its current president, TEXA has increased in size and turnover over time. From the Italian North-East, the company quickly moved from being a small artisan to an industrial reality. The leap came in 2000 with the start of a globalization process and the opening of foreign subsidiaries in different parts of the world: thus building a widespread distribution network in countries such as the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Poland. The 650 or so employees, of whom more than 150 are engineers and specialists in research and development, are the driving force behind a company with an annual turnover of more than 100 million euro. Exports account for 73% of the production which allows TEXA to look to the automotive diagnostics market with confidence. In fact, according to a study carried out by the research company Markets and Markets and processed by the Autopromotec Observatory, the diagnostic tools sector will reach an estimated global value of around 52.7 billion dollars by 2025. Starting from the current 37.4 billion dollars, the expected growth in the space of the next 7 years will record a 41% increase, determined by rising numbers in the amount of vehicles in circulation, the growing presence of advanced on-board electronic systems and by the emergence of electric and hybrid traction vehicles. This growth will particularly affect the Asia-Pacific areas, with +40% of total revenues, followed by the North American region +30%, Europe +25% and +5% in the rest of the world.

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