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Gipa awards


The coveted Gipa Italia prizes, awarded to those figures that have distinguished themselves in the automotive world, adorn the opening day of Autopromotec 2015

Duilio Damiani

The Autopromotec/Gipa Awards  combination has now become a custom at the Bologna event. The sixth edition of the awards, reserved for Italian excellences, and recognized by the national section of the most influential private research institute in the automotive sector, GiPA Italy, was celebrated in conjunction with the opening day of the 26th International Biennial event dedicated to Garage Equipment and the Automotive Aftermarket. Localized statistical studies, focused on both automotive assistance and aftermarket, unveiled, after careful research, the identity of  companies accredited with the greatest customer satisfaction, to which the Groupement Inter Professionnel de l'Automobile – a French association founded in 1986 and operational in 30 countries, and capable of analyzing a sample representing 61% of global registrations – has awarded, and has done so since 1997,  the prestigious GiPA Excellence Awards.


THE CURRENT PICTURE                                         


Expression of the current commercial environment,  this sector is very strategic and a real driving force for the entire global industry, the automotive sector in fact reflects the changes in society itself, expressing a well-focused image of today’s world. In a period of profound changes, such as the current one, how is the automotive aftermarket evolving?
Sector studies performed by Gipa Italia from 1992 to 2014, showed a systematic aging of the national population, and consequently also of circulating vehicles.

Today there are 60.8 million inhabitants, 5 million young people less, 25.3 million households and 31.5 million running vehicles (30.5 million in 2007), that need more mechanical check-ups and periodic repairs, recording, during 2014, 54.9 million workshop entries whether garages, tire specialists, authorized workshops and dealers. Distances travelled have not changed much compared with the recent past, since almost 80% of all vehicles are concentrated in small-medium urban areas, where alternative means of transportation are limited. With this in mind, new sector-based infrastructures are being developed, which, divided by areas of expertise, provide for new skills and competence.


Here, then, are the seven different award categories, wherein the leaders and representatives of companies, that according to last year’s statistics gained greater consensus among customers compared to other competitors, followed one another on stage at the Bologna Trade Fair.

For the greatest degree of satisfaction with regard to OES (Original Equipment Services) networks, "for knowing how to best meet the expectations of motorists, for reception, expertise, advice and quality of work", the awards went to:  Toyota Motor Italy for mainstream networks, represented by Dr. Dario Pergolotti, District Manager of Toyota Motor Italy, while for premium networks Mercedes Benz Italy emerged as winner, represented by Benito De Filippis, After Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars Italy.

Next up the Communication Strategies award: "For the success in promoting business volume within one’s own network through targeted activities, performed over the last 24 months", the prize was awarded by GIPA to Robert Bosch Italy’s IAM (Independent After Market) network, represented on stage by Alberto Bernini, Regional Director Automotive Aftermarket for Southern Europe, assisted by Dr. Olivier Pontreau, Workshop Concept Manager Automotive Aftermarket for Southern Europe.

For "The manufacturer who in the last 24 months has best interpreted the needs of the aging circulating fleet with original, clear and simple offers, using all possible marketing instruments : from traditional (radio, paper) to innovative ones such as digital" the award went to the OES network of Ford Italy, represented by Enrico Ferroni, Marketing Manager Ford Service.

The Development Strategy category had three protagonists: "For the courage to change the course of events, opening new roads with important investments made in Italy", the winner was Metelli Spa for IAM components, represented by Sergio Metelli, Director General,  Piergiorgio Metelli, CEO, Renato Zerbini, Business Development, and Matteo Barcellandi, Head of Sales and Aftermarket Marketing;  IAM distribution saw as the undisputed leading actor the Rhiag Group, "For having achieved an harmonious growth, seizing all opportunities for development both domestically and abroad with a long-term policy", represented by CEO Luca Zacchetti;  while " For the ability to encourage, support and give a structure to the whole sector during years of economic turbulence and uncertain growth, focusing on all the opportunities offered by an association ", the crucial role of ANFIA (National Association of the Automotive Industry) was recognized, with Director Gianmarco Giorda taking the prize, together with Paolo Vasone, Anfia-Aftermarket section Coordinator.

"For the innovative idea of  effectively combining respect for the environment, technical contents
and commercial effectiveness, proving that the environmental impact of the Automotive supply chain can be better managed ", the prize awarded in view of the best contribution to the environment was given to the Sogefi Group, represented by Aftermarket General Manager  Andrea Taschini.

For Commercial Dynamism "For being able to manage, in the last 24 months, a growing group of independent companies towards common goals," the award went to Groupauto Italy, with the prize received by the group’s main key figures, Domenico De Vivo, Gianluca Canonico, Salvatore Chisari, Riccardo Califano, Luigi Di Maggio, Diego Belmonte and Simone Guidi.

The Coup de Coeur, awarded directly by GiPA Italia’s Committee, intends to celebrate those men and women who have distinguished themselves in the aftermarket world, this year perfectly embodied by Francesco Caracciolo, "For a life spent in the service of the Aftermarket, with authority, calm and composure." Currently a consultant for Unrae, after years as Toyota’s head of after-sales, Caracciolo has a deep knowledge of the automotive sector.

The press concluded the award ceremony by offering a prize, awarded on the basis of votes cast by a selection of journalists belonging to the industry’s main newspapers and magazines, to Maria Luisa Cosso, one of the first Italian women to lead a company, "For the commitment and the results achieved by Italian businesswomen who continue to believe in the cultural richness of their territory and the need to serve others".


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