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Ronal Group

In line with the motto “Driving tomorrow,” the RONAL GROUP showcased a unique new product at the 2019 IAA: the prototype “SLM Concept Wheel.” The 3D-printed one-piece wheel made of light alloy (AlSi10) weighs around 5 kg and features a wheel load capacity of 515 kg. Measuring 7×13 inches, it’s the perfect fit for the 1970s Ford Capri recently seen in RONAL’s stand. Successful testing of the “SLM Concept Wheel” for use in road traffic in accordance with paragraph 30 of the German Road Traffic Registration Ordinance underscores the viability of future production by means of selective laser melting. The name of the concept wheel derives from “Selective Laser Melting” production process. Following production, all 3D-printed wheels undergo an x-ray check to rule out defects and material failure. The prototype wheel is part of a study by RONAL TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, founded by the RONAL GROUP as an innovation centre to combine all of the wheel manufacturer’s development and research activities at one location. With the “SLM Concept Wheel,” the company demonstrates the technical feasibility of 3D printing for wheels while generating additional expertise in the sector.

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