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Risk-free growth

Brc Car Service


Competitiveness, OEM quality, consignment goods: BRC caters for all kinds of maintenance needs and facilitates business expansion without noticeable economic upheavals

Massimo Condolo

Brakes, filters, oil and batteries are a quick and easy way to expand business opportunities. A tire specialist, for example, already has most of the equipment required for these operations, starting from vehicle lifts. Most jobs, including brakes, can be easily coordinated and integrated with regular tire replacements. For this reason, several tire dealers are now offering also regular servicing and minor maintenance works such as changing batteries. The BRC Car Service proposal is the most recent offer from BRC Gas Equipment, a global leader in the sector, and aims to assist car repairers in expanding their business, with an innovative yet simple system. Among the 270 current affiliates making up the network, we find several tire dealers, either independent or part of Kwik-fit, a network that recently signed an agreement with BRC. Only 40% of the workshops are also a service point for gas systems (BRC gas service), which demonstrates how the formula is interesting for all kinds of car repair shops. The remainder consists of independent workshops (50%) and OEM car dealerships (10%).


No starting costs

BRC Car Service provides workshops with an assortment of filters, batteries, oil and brake pads, focusing on fast moving codes without a basic financial commitment, reduced costs and high quality. Spare parts, in fact, are consignment goods and are invoiced by BRC only after installation. The repairer picks them from a cabinet, that was previously supplied (a 2.1m high structure on a square base of 0.9m, clearly visible in the workshop without being too bulky), and downloads them from the management software included in the BRC e-commerce website, thus activating both the billing and the automatic re-assortment of the used up codes. This automatically happens as soon as the overall value of the goods to be re-ordered reaches 150 euro, a figure that guarantees free shipping. On average, a garage can count on a couple of "refills" a week. The cabinet can hold up to 600 products, but normally 370 are found, relating to 280 different codes. All the spare parts are of a corresponding quality, BRC branded and produced exclusively by international Oem suppliers. One more reason behind the success of the network: by shortening the supply chain (no distributors and spare parts dealers), the cost for the car repairer is much lower and consequently margins are higher than they would otherwise be. At a price similar to Oem parts, garages can purchase  high-end components of matching quality.


No more than 24 hours

The spare parts found in the catalogue (in all 325 filters, 151 brake pads, 8 batteries and 36 oils, additives, refrigerants and antifreeze) though not physically contained in the cabinet are delivered, all over Italy, with the exception of Sicily and Calabria, in 24 hours, courtesy of several important national couriers.

Additionally, the minimum level of turnover that each affiliated garage is called on to guarantee is rather low: on average about 1000 euro per month (VAT excluded). BRC, through its twelve agents on the territory, is constantly engaged in coming up with new promotions; every month, in fact, about two or three new promotional activities are undertaken. A permanent promotion, though, concerns "engine kits", which include all the necessary parts needed on regular servicing on models that share the same engine (for example, Fiat Punto, Panda, Idea, Lancia Y and Musa all equipped with a 1.3 Multijet engine) and supplied at a cost that is well below the total if these were purchased as single items. Another kit relates to four filters, also used on vehicle families.


Additional agreements on lights, rentals and DPF regeneration

BRC’s offer can be further integrated with Osram cabinets, containing 201 light bulbs corresponding to 32 different codes; these are not consignment goods but are made available at  exceptionally attractive economic conditions. The Osram catalogue , as a whole, inclused 514 codes. Furthermore, an agreement with Evergreeen allows a workshop to obtain a long-term rental to be used both as courtesy cars and as a short-term rentals, useful, according to several affiliates, in covering the cost of the long-term rental. Among the variety of services offered by BRC Car Service members we find also diesel particulate filter regeneration, often cluttered by the residue produced by the combustion as well as deposits of oil and cerium oxide. The innovative regeneration procedure adopted by BRC Car Service guarantees the same reliability and efficiency of a new filter, a 12-month warranty and unlimited kilometres. The processing time is 24 hours, with pick-up and drop-off service.

Currently, the BRC Car Service network is planning to welcome about fifty new members. Lastly, a considerable expansion of the spare parts catalogue is expected by the last quarter of 2018, which will cover all sectors of the automotive aftermarket, expanding the current catalogue to include 500 thousand codes.

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