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Upcoming Autopromotec 2011


An international crossroads for the automotive aftermarket world, the exhibition is attended by a large number of international exhibitors and delegations of buyers and features the new AutopromotecEDU project: an arena for learning more about after-sales and assistance

by Mauro Paternò

It is now an inescapable necessity to stand out from the general offer: exhibitions can no longer be solely a gathering of exhibitors in pavilions, they most put themselves forward as a genuine crossroads for all sector operators.



With less than a month to go before the start of the next edition of Autopromotec, the most specialized international exhibition of automotive equipment and the aftermarket, the 24th biennial of which will be held at the exhibition centre in Bologna from 25 to 29 May 2011, the organizers can state that the exhibitors at the last edition in 2009 have been confirmed again this year: a total of over 1400 exhibiting companies.
Proof of its growing internationalization is given by the fact that 35% of the companies exhibiting at Autopromotec 2011 are from abroad.
On the domestic front, it should be emphasized that Autopromotec will be attended by all the main associations operating in the automotive aftermarket segment, which are connected to the manufacture of vehicles, spare parts or components, like Anfia and Unrae, to independent distribution, like Adira, or to representatives of the world of reconditioned engines, such as Fir.
Obviously, Federlavaggi will also be present with its own institutional space which will include the ratification of memoranda of understanding with sister associations at international level; similarly, all the sector operators who are united under trade federations like Cna and Confartigianato will animate specific workshops.
Deserving of a special mention are the tyre and vehicle equipment segments that have always been the roots and origin of the exhibition. These sectors will be represented by all the national and international institutions, from Assogomma and Bipaver to Egea, which will be hosted by Airp, Federpneus and Aica.
The presence of these organizations is of strategic importance for Autopromotec because it not only underlines an invaluable opportunity for all players to meet, it also plays the very important role of a means of communication for its associates and all the segments involved.
The agreements reached by the Ministry for Economic Development, the Italian Trade Commission and Aica have been essential for international growth, as was the promotional roadshow that this year went to various cities from Japan to South and North America to present the exhibition and its characteristics to major national associations and the main local media, and continued to European capitals London, Paris and Madrid during the winter.
Again from an international viewpoint, Autopromotec 2011 will also focus on the growing market in the Mediterranean basin. Between February and March 2011, the last cycle of international roadshows went to such important cities and capitals in the area as Beirut, Casablanca and Istanbul.
As far as delegates from abroad are concerned, in addition to the groups organized in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission, Autopromotec will be handling the participation and agenda for buyers and dealers, especially those from Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Exhibitors will be informed in advance about the profiles of the various professional operators in the groups from abroad, to enable them to organize the various agendas for professional meetings with greater efficiency.
Another very particular factor has appeared in the international panorama of Expos in the automotive aftermarket sector: some events have confirmed their strength, others are finding it difficult to recover importance following the world recession of the past two years. There seems to be an increasing tendency to gradually reduce the number of exhibitions in which companies consider participation to be strategic, at European level at least, in favour of those in emerging Asian and South American markets.
All the more reason why it is now an inescapable necessity to stand out from the general offer: exhibitions can no longer be solely a gathering of exhibitors in pavilions, they most put themselves forward as a genuine crossroads for all sector operators.
And to do this, every edition must include specific projects based on the needs of the market.



The Autopromotec EDU project
New additions at Autopromotec 2011 include, amongst others, an important initiative called AutopromotecEDU: an arena of automotive culture where numerous themes will be investigated with the aim of providing tangible work tools for sector operators. Subjects will range from education to maintenance, from non-conventional marketing to safety and in-depth discussions about standards and future trends in the European market. Many of them will be simultaneously translated in English.
Autopromotec recently announced the calendar of events and meetings for AutopromotecEDU.
AutopromotecEDU is a new initiative for the exhibition, but it is also totally innovative with respect to other international trade events. It will be a melting pot of professional experiences aimed at helping operators in their daily after-sales and assistance activities.
This genuine occasion for comparing and investigating sector-oriented subjects will involve all players in the automotive world, without excluding any category or element in the chain.
The series of meetings at AutopromotecEDU will be opened by an inaugural conference on 25 May, which will discuss topical themes such as the relationship between maintenance, safety and reconditioning. Representatives of Anfia, Unrae and the Ministry of Transport will be present at the meeting which will be moderated by a prestigious journalist.



EAAS 2011
Another important appointment comes within this context. The third edition of the European aftermarket symposium, Eaas11, will include the participation of international experts and operators in the sector. The subject will be "Trends in and opportunities for the automotive aftermarket in Europe".
Eaas 2011, the meeting of the International Association of Independent Spare Parts Dealers, Figiefa, those of Egea and Bipaver that are traditionally held at Autopromotec, together with many other in-depth moments during the exhibition, confirm just how much Autopromotec has become a reference for institutions and associations at international level.
The other workshops in the AutopromotecEDU programme will touch on all essential and current after-sales themes thanks to the participation of distinguished speakers from the academic and industrial worlds who will discuss such issues as the professional qualification of car repairers, chain sustainability, and marketing actions, including the most innovative, for creating customer loyalty.
All the appointments in the AutopromotecEDU calendar will be held in pavilion 15 and they are free by registering at the entrance: the updated AutopromotecEDU calendar of events is already available in the dedicated section on
The appointment for all operators who want to find out about new products and business opportunities in new markets is from 25 to 29 May 2011 in Bologna.



Autopromotec Industrial Vehicles Service

Spotlight on trucks

Autopromotec 2011 will be hosting a new initiative called Autopromotec Industrial Vehicles Service: a special exhibition route, an exclusive guide for exhibitors in the truck assistance and maintenance segment, a special logo that identifies the exhibitors of equipment, components and spare parts for trucks. Numerous exhibitors offer products (equipment, tyres, spare parts, etc...) and services for industrial vehicles.
The new project stems from an awareness of the importance of the goods transport sector and of the increasing attention that should be paid to maintenance in this segment.
The Autopromotec Industrial Vehicles Service aims to foster commercial relationships and host meetings with operators, manufacturers and suppliers of trucks. There will also be a specific conference involving the main manufacturers and national and international associations in the sector.
Autopromotec 2011 will maintain hall-by-hall focus to allow visitors to plan and personalize their visit in accordance with professional interests.
The initiative is the result of a request from exhibitors in this sector. 

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