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Racetec Td Slick make every lap count!



Racetec Td Slick joins Metzeler’s range of slick racing tires and is dedicated to riders and club racers for both racing and training activities

Margherita Maestro

Racetec Td Slick joins Metzeler’s range of slick racing tires and is dedicated to riders and club racers for both racing and training activities. Racetec Td Slick can be used without tire warmers and does not require any special set-up of the bike to be used to its full potential. The new Racetec Td Slick features, among other things, top performance that remains consistent even after several sessions, versatility on different types of road surfaces and operating temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the rear tire between sessions if the circuit configuration tends to wear out the tires mostly on one side. Racetec Td Slick has been designed for riders who want the advantage of a slick tire without the need for additional racing equipment (stands / heaters / power generators, etc.) or a sophisticated set-up commonly required by slick racing tires. Metzeler's Racetec Td Slick range includes one front and four rear sizes, the most commonly found as OEMs on sports bikes, further demonstrating the product's plug & play characteristics. The Metzeler slick tire family also includes the Racetec Rr Slick, a competition tire available with different compounds depending on the type of use. The K0 and K1 compounds are dedicated to professional use in Superbike classes and other competitions such as the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, and in several national championships. The K2 compound is the most versatile in the Racetec Rr Slick range and has been developed for professional and amateur racing riders who need to combine consistent performance over several sessions, making it the best solution on particularly demanding circuits and in endurance racing.


Compound and structure of the Racetec Td Slick

Metzeler’s Racetec Td Slick tire, features a racing compound that includes low glass transition temperature polymers, carbon black and high melting-temperature resins. This combination allows the tire to reach the ideal temperature very quickly even without the use of tire warmers. The engineers at Metzeler have designed a compound capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures and road conditions to provide consistent performance and resistance to cold tearing. The exclusive patented Ccm - Compound continuous mixing - process maximises the uniformity of the components in the polymeric matrix and allows the tire to supply high performance consistently from the first to the last lap, even taking into account several thermal cycles. The casing of the Racetec Td Slick rear tire features a classic single-ply radial Rayon structure, similar to what is commonly found in super-sport road tires. The zero degree steel belts used on both front and rear tires are patented solutions that allow a high degree of structural flexibility and consequently a better feeling with the tire. The Racetec Td Slick rear tire features a sharp profile that increases the cornering contact area, resulting in increased grip, while the front profile reflects the rear for a balanced behaviour.

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