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Coinciding with Autopromotec, the GiPA Trophies were presented to the most deserving companies for greatest customer satisfaction

Duilio Damiani

IT HAS BECOME a custom. For the past five editions, the biannual Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna has coincided with the presentation of awards for the sector’s most deserving companies. Not just a simple honour to be added to the list, the GiPA Excellence Trophies, now at their twelfth edition, are genuine acknowledgements that are conferred following statistical analyses and interviews with a wide sample of users, in addition to the votes of a panel of experts. The awards by the authoritative international private research institute in the automotive segment, GiPA Italia, in the person of its managing director and brilliant host Marc Aguettaz, took place on the day Autopromotec 2013 opened with the aim of giving an extremely brief account of the results that emerged after processing countless data from product studies in the automotive after-sales world.
Groupement inter Professionnel de l'Automobile” (GiPA) was founded in France in 1986, it is located in major European markets and operates in 30 countries on 4 continents. A partner of the most accredited companies in the sector, GiPA carries out sector studies and local statistical studies on the two and four wheel and truck aftermarket. Its members are manufacturers, distributors, component makers, repairers, oil companies and all firms involved in the supply chain for engines.

Award methods
Divided into six categories, the seven awards were unequivocally decreed by the results of statistics gathered over the past 24 months by means of targeted customer interviews with different processing methods. The coveted trophy is presented every two years and testifies to maximum attention to customer satisfaction by the most deserving businesses.
The method differs from case to case in accordance with the most specific measurement parameters: to identify the level of customer satisfaction in the Original Equipment Service (OES) network, GiPA analysts based themselves on the Annual Trends Observatory (ATO) study of the last two years. Six thousand face-to-face interviews with Italian drivers were analysed for satisfaction after visiting the workshops in the relevant network (one general and one in the premium category) with their vehicle for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations. The award for the most effective Independent Aftermarket (IAM) communication strategies and for the IAM network development strategy involved collecting data on several fronts by using two tools: the GiPA ATO face-to-face study carried out on 1,600 professionals and integrated with Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI), a survey with direct email contact with 15,000 professionals in repairs and the distribution of automotive spares. Respect for the environment, the fourth theme of the appointment, was evaluated by a CAWI survey integrated with the opinion of a panel selected from the specialist press. The fifth Excellence Award, “Coup de Coeur”, is assigned by GiPA itself and is based on its experience and opinion of the after-sales sector. The intention of these awards is to recognize the personalities, initiatives and projects that have stood out in the aftermarket world by creating new prospects for growth within the sector.  Last but not least, the Press award is assigned by a panel of about twenty journalists representing the country’s main specialist publications and is in recognition of those who have given their company or project the best visibility.

And the winners are…
The winners were companies operating in Italy and elsewhere in Europe which achieved the most brilliant results with the greatest customer satisfaction in their relevant sectors. Companies behind which there are always people with a vision, who are able to maximize the quality of a service in response to an increasingly complex market.
For fully meeting the expectations of drivers in terms of quality of work, advice and reception, the GiPA Excellence Trophy for satisfaction with OES general networks was presented to Volkswagen represented by Swen Wucherpfenning, after-sales director, and Andrea Alessi, director of Volkswagen Italia.
For fully meeting the expectations of drivers in terms of repair reliability, quality of work and reception, the trophy for satisfaction with OES premium networks went to BMW-Mini, represented by Lorenzo Bortolotti, product manager Italy.
For success in motivating and creating loyalty among the players in the supply chain, with the rare commitment of the entire company, the award for IAM Communication Strategies went to Bosch, represented by Joachin Schneeweiss, regional director Automotive Aftermarket Bosch South Europe, and Fabian Ratto, regional marketing manager Automotive South Europe.
For the courage to decide to invest in Italy as part of a continental project, the IAM Development Strategies award was presented to Denso Thermal Systems SpA. On the stage were Gianluca Guasco, Denso European marketing manager, and Paolo Vasone, head of Italy and Aftermarket sales; they included in the award the Ferretto Group, which made it possible to implement the ambitious project, represented by Fabio Campana, Ferretto Group sales director.
For commitment, energy and the considerable enthusiasm demonstrated in handling the environmental impact of the automotive supply chain, the award for the company that did the most to respect the environment was presented to the young company, Ecopneus, represented by its managing director, Giovanni Corbetta.
Coup de Coeur, presented directly by GiPA Italia, involved four national companies: for contributing to the growth of the Italian aftermarket and for linking Italian and European after-sales, the trophy was presented to Groupauto, with Nello Chinnì, founder of the subsidiary Faram of Cosenza; Rhiag Group, with Ferdinando Imhof, V.P. automotive marketing Italia; Idia-Temot, with president Vittorio Amura; and Giadi - Autodistribution, with its founder and president Ugo Carini.
The award ceremony concluded with the Press trophy which was presented to Bruno Vianello, president of Texa, on the basis of votes by twenty journalists from the main sector publications during the ritual “Incontro con la Stampa” held in Milan on 27 March.
Once again the GiPA Excellence Trophies focused on numerous sectors and was an irreplaceable feedback tool that, first and foremost, places customer satisfaction as the unsurpassed added value of targeted and diversified after-sales service. In 2015 they will return with new and consolidated players.

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