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AIRP renews its commitment to quality and begins a new technical chapter on materials for retreading, LTH/110. The quality of the work is certified by a third-party entity

Roberta Papadia

Tyres never stop. They continue to develop technologically in the search for better performance and safety. And the retread follows the developments in new tyres. Technology and performance inevitably depend on quality, arguably a very clichéd word, but for the Italian retreaders’ association it is not a choice but a necessity. AIRP has always been in the front line in its support of retread technology and quality, and important achievements have not been lacking; the compulsory homologation of retreading equipment is an example. The famous Ece Onu 108 and 109 regulations. 

There is a lot of awareness also about the materials for retreading, with continual technical advances in compounds and the need to guarantee high levels of quality. This led to the certification of the AIRP technical specification for retreading materials: LTH/110. It is the latest version of the specification that since the ’70s has defined the physical-mechanical characteristics of the rubber used for retreading tyres. Specification LTH/70 led to 80 and so on until the very latest LTH/110 dated, by sheer coincidence, 11/11/11. In the name of protecting quality and veracity, the specification was certified by an independent entity: Cerisie (Laboratory for the Certification of and Research into Elastomeric Systems).

The most important among its aims is to guarantee users tyres that are safe and give good performance. The values given in the specification are minimum thresholds of quality indispensable for a good retread, but this in no way precludes the use of higher quality material. The specification refer to tyres for cars, light, medium and heavy industrial vehicles, buses, tractor trailers and earth moving vehicles. There are also clear technical specifications for laboratory tests  and references to UNI standards abound.

In short, a meticulous document for promoting quality retreads and their ecological and economic safety. With everything companies are going through nowadays, they are much more interesting plus points.

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