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Prometeon’s new MC:01 e-Urban: designed with electric mobility in mind

Prometeon Tire Group, with the new generation of MC:01TM e-URBAN, offers the right solution for modern electric buses, since the increased load capacity, up to eight tons per axle, fully satisfies the needs of new generation of electric mobility.  MC:01 e-Urban features up to 10% lower Rolling Resistance which contributes to increase the mileage of city buses and to reduce the battery charging cycles for full electric vehicles, thus contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. While keeping pace with the evolution of both hybrid and electric vehicles for urban context characterized by frequent stop and starts, Prometeon’s new MC:01TM e-URBAN in addition to reducing operating costs, yields an improved level of comfort, even wear and low noise levels (69dB). This new generation tire is marked M+S and 3PMSF and earned a B label for wet grip, delivering more than adequate performance in winter conditions. The optimized sidewall and structure design allow extra load capacity and enhance tire retreadability. The mould profile and the new tread pattern have been conceived to ensure great traction and resistance to damage throughout its lifespan, taking into account the high torques of electric engines. 

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