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Point S retailers counting on all inclusive car services to expand network and market share



The company recently launched, along with the "Gomme & Service" network, a joint growth strategy aimed at diversifying products and services, strengthening the network as well as partnerships with other operators in the sector.

Dino Collazzo

Innovation and expansion. This is the combination behind the recent plan to revamp the brand and gain new market shares implemented by Point S, global independent car and tire retailers network. A rather ambitious goal on which the company, founded in France in 1971 and now present in 34 countries, decided to invest time and money. The strategy developed by the group’s managers follows three guidelines: product and service diversification, stronger network and the ability to team up with other operators through trade agreements. An example of this are the recent agreements signed with the Tsc consortium in 2017, with Professional Pneus last July and with Gomme & Service a few months ago. This last partnership summarizes the group’s intention to become the main reference in the national retail market and the automotive sector.

The idea behind the expansion plan is based on a very simple concept: offering "all-inclusive" car services. Basically it means creating professional centres capable of providing 360-degree assistance integrating different professional figures: from tires to mechanical maintenance as well as electronic components, sensors, cameras and software on “smart” vehicles. This vision, which brings to mind an old adage "union is strength", stems from the need of tire specialists – and workshops in general - to be able to compete against the spread of increasingly fierce e-Commerce channels. Therefore, focusing on joining skills appears to be the best business strategy in the coming years. In fact, the advantage of such a choice should lead, at least as far as Point S is concerned, to a double result: attracting a greater number of customers through dealers and workshops on the one hand, and the opportunity to share sales policies and marketing strategies in order to improve and expand the group’s range of products and services.


A long-standing success

Point S, with its own network of tire specialists, the group’s core business, is a well-structured organization that owes its success to the ability to draw on the experience gained over the years. Present in over 34 countries with over 4 thousand stores managed by more than 2 thousand independent entrepreneurs, this network is able to manage more than 17 million tires. For quite some time now, Point S has also developed its own tire brand with a complete range of summer, winter and four-season products, designed and produced in Europe in cooperation with one of the continent’s leading manufacturers.


Winterstar 4

Point S keeps on developing its very own winter offer. The new Winterstar 4 recently underwent a series of improvements on some of its main components: structure and design. The latest version has an improved tread block configuration that increases stability on both dry and wet roads. As far as safety, a series of improvements have been introduced enhancing resistance to aquaplaning. The directional tread and longitudinal grooves guarantee adequate water expulsion. The V-shaped tread pattern now boasts “gripping” edges that, aided by a new casing design, allow shorter breaking distance and superior traction on snow-clad roads. Expected in a range of 36 different sizes, the Winterstar 4 is approved for speed up to 240 km/h and is suitable for a variety of brands such as Audi, Bmw, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford and Renault and is available for 13 and 17 inch wheels, with European C labelling for wet braking distance and E for rolling resistance.


Summerstar 3+

Suitable for any type of car, the Summestar 3+ tire confirms its qualities in terms of driving comfort and safety. On dry roads the Summestar 3+, thanks to its longitudinal grooves in the outer shoulder, ensure high lateral and longitudinal stiffness. The long and deep sipes, the high number of long-lasting gripping edges, the high lateral and longitudinal stiffness and the longitudinal grooves in the outer shoulder, work together in providing superior grip on wet roads prevent aquaplaning and reduce braking distances. Most of the dimensional range (32 models in total), available for wheels between 13 and 17 inches, boasts an E for rolling efficiency and a C or B, depending on the size, for “wet braking”. Furthermore, noise levels, depending on the size, range between 70 and 72 dB.


4 Seasons

Point S has been investing in All-Season products for some time now, even though the group’s own websites makes no mystery about the importance of using the most appropriate tires in each season, especially in countries where extreme weather conditions are the norm. Point S’ All-Season has been approved for speeds up to 240 km/h and is suitable to equip several different car models offering in all cases more than adequate driving comfort thanks to sturdy longitudinal edges. Furthermore, the wide circumferential grooves have been optimized to improve water displacement. The Sipe technology in the central part of the tread design, the high-grip edges and flexibility improve braking performance and grip on snow. The All-Season’s 20 different sizes are suitable for wheels ranging between 13 and 17inches, with European C labelling for wet braking distances and E for rolling resistance.


Not just tires

Besides tires, each member of the Point S group can rely on a whole series of other products designed to help them diversify the offer of each point of sale. This is possible also thanks to a number of commercial agreements Point S signed with several spare parts dealers and distributors of machinery and equipment.

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