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Point S adopts the new connex digital adas system for its network of workshops

Point S


The French group signed a partnership with Mahle Aftermarket Italy

Dino Collazzo

Technological innovations and professional training. Point S, a global network of independent tire and car service retailers, has chosen to strengthen its network by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and professional training for its operators in quest for new market shares. And the best recipe is to create increasingly efficient centres able to offer all-round assistance on all vehicles, including Adas systems’ maintenance (Advanced driver assistance systems), which led Point S to sign a partnership with Mahle Aftermarket Italy, an automotive components company whose aftermarket division specialises in spare parts to be used on the new Connex Digital Adas system within its network of workshops.

The strategy developed by the French group’s top managers to improve their services follows three specific guidelines: diversification of products and services, strengthening the network and the ability to work as a team and commercial agreements with other operators in the sector. And Mahle is one of them. "There is no shortage of solutions on the market but the reason we chose to rely on Digital Adas (and Malhe) is part of a more global strategy for the qualification of our network," said Guy-Olivier Ducamp, Point S Western Europe Director.

The idea behind the French company's expansion plan is based on a very simple concept: all-inclusive, all-round services for all vehicles. In a nutshell this means creating service centres capable of providing all-round assistance by connecting different professional figures and skills: from tire maintenance to mechanical service, electronic components, sensors, cameras, radars and software. This vision stems from the need to be able to withstand a competition that has, in recent years, become much more fierce. Hence, focusing on the use of innovative equipment represents the best business strategy in coming years. However, state-of-the-art tools would hardly be enough without the necessary skills and knowhow. This is why Point S is also encouraging its member workshops to attend tailor-made training courses such as those organized with Focus Officina: in order to acquire more information, be aware of the latest news in the field and the proper equipment use and maintenance procedures. Training, competence and knowledge are the key words that should support, at least as far as Point S is concerned, the group’s retailers and workshops in their mission to attract a greater number of customers.


A partnership in Adas maintenance

The new Connex Digital Adas system, which Mahle Aftermarket Italy illustrated to all Point S members last January, is a calibration system designed for advanced driver assistance systems at a time when these are fast becoming vital components. Instruments such as radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors are elements that workshops will have to take into account when carrying out repair and maintenance work on tires, bodies and mechatronic components. Think, for example, at what happens as a result of micro-collisions, windscreen replacement, work on video cameras and wheel replacement, complex jobs that, with the presence of these integrated devices, require special attention: safety is at stake. "In the years to come - explains Carlo Rocchi, General Manager of Mahle Aftermarket Italy - the number of driver assistance systems and the proportion of cars and trucks equipped with them will increase significantly, and this will radically change the way workshops will carry out their work". The Digital Adas system, able to calibrate radar sensors and cameras using a single digital device, impressed Point S’ management so much that, last February, the S-Adas product line developed in collaboration with Mahle and Vamag, was presented to the whole network.


A knowhow that comes from afar

Point S, with its own network of tire specialists, the group's core business, is a well-structured global player that owes its success to its ability to draw on the experience acquired over the years. Active in more than 35 countries with more than 4,000 points of sale - 500 in Italy alone - managed by more than 2,000 independent entrepreneurs, this network is able to manage more than 17 million tires. For some time now, Point S has also been developing its own private brand with a complete range of summer, winter and All-season tires. These are designed and produced in Europe in cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers in the sector. However, Point S means more than just tires. The member of the network can in fact rely on a whole series of other brand products designed to allow each member of the network to diversify its offer. This is made possible also thanks to several commercial agreements that Point S signed with some of the most important spare parts dealers and distributors of tools and equipment.

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