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Pirelli’s new Cinturato P7 with "intelligent" compound

Pirelli unveils the new Cinturato P7, a high-performance summer tire. Pirelli’s engineers, through an intense programme of research and development, have come up with a product featuring high levels of technology. The technical innovations on the latest Cinturato include a new compound equipped with a type of ‘mechanical intelligence’ that can change according to ambient temperatures. As well as improving on the dry handling of its predecessor, Pirelli’s new tire for premium cars also greatly improves wet handling, aquaplaning and braking in particular, requiring four metres less to come to a stop from 100kph. The innovations introduced by Pirelli’s engineers also improve acoustic comfort (thanks to less road noise) and ride comfort, with the new tire better able to absorb bumps in the road. Overall tire life increases by six per cent, meaning that tires have to be changed less frequently. Rolling resistance also goes down by an average of one class (minus 12%), improving fuel consumption by four per cent (measured on the WLTP cycle) as well as CO₂ emissions. The tread pattern specifically created for the new Cinturato P7 is enriched with silica and specific resins that help to increase grip and enhance the function of the tire’s polymers. These are synthetic elastic materials that are chemically modified to improve the interaction with silica – and these polymers can change according to the tire’s working temperature. This means that the new compound benefits from a sort of ‘mechanical intelligence’ thanks to better distribution of the silica particles and more effective interaction between them. As a result, the tire’s characteristics can alter according to driving and temperature conditions. Every part that makes up the tread pattern of the new Cinturato P7 has a specific function: from the lateral and longitudinal grooves whose pattern is specifically intended to evacuate water in the most efficient way possible, to the specific shoulder blocks designed to deliver the minimum possible stopping distances both in the wet and the dry. Not only that, but the actual design and rigidity distribution of these blocks allows the new Cinturato to have the biggest possible contact patch through corners, delivering a safe and precise driving experience in all conditions favouring a comfortable ride. Having been brought to life virtually on computer and then tested physically, the design process optimises both ride and acoustic comfort for the driver. Another area that Pirelli’s engineers have worked on is the tire’s capability to ‘talk’ with existing electronic driver aid systems such as the most recent ADAS. The materials created for the new Pirelli Cinturato P7 offer greater mechanical resistance and guarantee better grip in all sorts of different driving situations. The reduced wear from this ‘high mileage’ compound means that a longer distance can be covered on a set of tires and motorists can save money.

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