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Almost three years spent working shoulder to shoulder with Aston Martin engineers to create three different tires to enhance the performance of the new DBX. The new model of the English SUV is in fact equipped with Pirelli tires, thanks to a joint development work aimed at meeting Aston Martin's needs: the P Zero optimised for maximum performance, the Scorpion Zero AS to offer off-road mobility and the ScorpionWinter to ensure safety and performance even in winter. The joint development work, typical of Pirelli's Perfect Fit strategy, began in a lab and continued on a variety of outdoor development facilities. The wet performance of Pirelli tires for the new Aston Martin DBX has been refined on Pirelli’s own test track in Vizzola Ticino. Mobility on snow and ice, on the other hand, was severely tested on Pirelli’s circuit in Fleurheden, Sweden, while high-performance skills were developed on a high speed circuit located in Nardò. However, the final and hardest tests took place at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. For the new Aston Martin DBX, Pirelli chose a compound normally used on GT cars. The compound designed for the DBX, in fact, proved at ease also on a fast race track. The "A8A" marked P Zero (which identifies a specific tire made for the Aston Martin DBX) uses a new hybrid material that helps to reduce weight, rolling resistance and fuel consumption, while the Scorpion Zero AS is designed for those motorists who seek thrills even off the road. The tread pattern has been revisited to maximise off-road driving potential, with stiffer tread blocks towards the outside of the footprint to give more grip in demanding conditions. Pirelli’s ScorpionWinter winter tire for SUVs was developed directly on snow and ice – with temperatures as low as -30° - to ensure adequate performance even in severe driving conditions.

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