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At the Geneva International Auto Show Pirelli presented the new P Zero Winter. From Pirelli’s winter experience the new tyre took safety and performance on cold asphalt, from P Zero it took the driving feel that remains the same. The requests from car manufacturers showed a need to offer more high-performance cars tyres that can cope with the power and torque they generate even in conditions of poor grip. This convinced Pirelli to make the P Zero Winter follow the same path as its summer sibling throughout its development, technical choices and homologation with car manufacturers. The objective set at the beginning of the project and achieved with the final result, was to offer owners of supercars and luxury cars the same driving feel typical of P Zero, making the seasonal change unnoticeable. The technical, compound and tread pattern solutions adapt the tyre to the road conditions typical of winter, while maintaining the same levels of safety and control. With the debut of Winter, the P Zero family offers every type of tyre to equip the most sporty and prestigious cars. Each one is distinguished by the marking on the sidewall that testifies to the joint development work by Pirelli’s engineers and the car manufacturers’ engineers, ensuring the creation of the right P Zero for every car. It is Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy which means that every marked tyre combines the various technologies that guarantee that it will complement the qualities of the car it is mounted on.

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