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Pirelli exceeds 500 run-flat approvals as OEMs

Pirelli confirms itself as the favourite premium brand for luxury car manufacturers: this is confirmed by the over 500 approvals obtained with Run-Flat products. A technology that allows travelling with a flat tire, long enough to reach the nearest tire dealer or workshop. With 516 Run-Flat homologations, Pirelli is the manufacturer’s first choice as original equipment. In detail, these approvals are divided as 326 summer tires, 100 winter and 90 all season products. In total, Pirelli has now exceeded 2,800 approvals in its portfolio of products.

Alfa Romeo is the latest in a series of car makers to choose Pirelli Run-Flat tires on its Giulia sedan, and other manufacturers such as Bmw, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Mini and Rolls-Royce have already turned their attention to Pirelli designed Run-Flats. Even when the Tpms system signals a sudden loss of pressure, travelling is possible for up to 80 kilometres at a maximum speed of 80 km/h: the particular structure of the sidewall can in fact support the weight of the car and travel safely until the nearest tire shop. The Self Supporting system designed by Pirelli uses special reinforcements, inserted into the sidewalls, capable of supporting both transversal and longitudinal loads.

Pirelli Run-Flat technology is available on tires such as P Zero, Cinturato, Scorpion and ScorpionWinter, Winter Sottozero 3 and Winter Sottozero Serie II; the range is able to fit on 97% of wheels available from 18" upwards, with 24 exclusive product codes, i.e. sizes that no other tire manufacturer sells. Pirelli is a leader in this segment, whether we are speaking of summer, winter or All-Season products.

Run-Flat technology meets the demands of luxury car manufacturers that require tailored-made solutions for their vehicles. An ongoing development activity carried out by Pirelli engineers who work alongside their car counterparts for two or three years in order to develop specific tires with dedicated markings on the side, as required by Pirelli's Perfect fit strategy.

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