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Perfect "trait d'union"

CEMB takes-over M&B Engineering and brings home the production of tire changers

Nicoletta Ferrini

A “marriage” built on mutual know-how and expertise as well as sharing the same concept of "quality" as the core value of innovative high-performance products: this, in a nutshell, was the driving force behind a recent buy-out finalized by CEMB, a specialized balancing machines and vibration measuring systems manufacturers. On the 2nd of July, the company located in Mandello del Lario (Lecco) officially announced the acquisition of M&B Engineering, an important Italian tire equipment manufacturer. CEMB aims to complete its range of equipment with a line of tire changers designed and made internally. Not exactly a novelty for CEMB, seeing that up until the early 80’s, tire changers were already being designed and made by the Mandello factory. This activity, though was soon set aside in an effort to focus more on the production of equipment such as wheel balancers and wheel aligners.

CEMB's history began in 1946 when its founder, Luigi Buzzi, designed the first patented balancing machine. In the years that followed, the Lombardy-based company built its success on vibration measuring systems, initially creating industrial balancing machines, and then, in 1952, opening up to the automotive sector with a production of car wheel balancing machines. For over seventy years, vibration measuring devices represented CEMB’s core-business. The company’s industrial division designs, manufactures and exports horizontal and vertical balancing machines all over the world and manufactures fully automatic high-performance machines for the automotive sector, to be integrated directly into production lines. The Garage division produces balancing machines and aligners for motorbikes, cars and heavy commercial vehicles. Finally, the Instruments Division produces vibration sensors as well as fixed and portable vibration measuring equipment, wheel balancing tools, vibration monitoring and control devices to protect large machinery used in energy and engineering sectors.

Thanks to on-going training, research and development programs, over the years CEMB has perfected and optimized its production technique, becoming a market reference point in the design and production of balancing machines for every type of application. In the wake of the positive results obtained in this field, CEMB went on to develop a wide range of wheel aligners, including the ground-breaking Argos clamp-less wheel alignment system, launched in 2014.


A complete offer for tire dealers

For years, CEMB has tried to develop a very innovative and complete range of equipment designed for tire service and maintenance. Despite the fact that, almost forty years ago, CEMB decided not to have its own tire changers, it still continued to operate in this specific market segment, choosing to sell, under its own brand, highly professional products made by third-party companies, guaranteeing specialised car repairers the availability of a wide range of CEMB branded products. This solution, despite the customers’ understandable satisfaction, prevented the company from fully capitalizing internal economies of scale. This consideration has prompted the company from Mandello del Lario to reassess the opportunity to restart producing its own tire changers. This step, as confirmed by the top management, was viewed as necessary to increase business opportunities in the sector improving, at the same time, the range of  services and maintenance  offered to the customer, besides efficient management of spare parts, as well as optimizing processes and production costs achieve the highest level of quality and efficiency ever.

In the latter sense, CEMB found in M&B Engineering a valuable partner. As a specialist in the sector, the company - founded in 2006 in Correggio (Reggio Emilia) by Franco Magnani and Dido Boni, who led Sicam for thirty years - will allow CEMB to produce a complete range of professional tire changers. Through this acquisition, CEMB is looking at meeting the needs of its customers through the development of important production, commercial and strategic synergies. The two Italian excellences join forces, being perfectly complementary, allowing CEMB to consolidate its position in the tire equipment market, while M & B Engineering will continue to grow using CEMB’s economies of scale. M&B Engineering's expertise in the sector, combined with CEMB's experience in designing garage equipment and managing production processes, will allow the two companies to cope with future challenges and meet the needs of customers and markets, offering new high-performance products, but also continuing to ensure strong technological development and excellent service.

The new tire changers will be produced in the headquarters of M&B Engineering, in the province of Reggio Emilia, supported by the expertise of M&B and a team of experts selected by CEMB and dedicated to the development of the new range of products. A first result of this successful union has already been unveiled to the public during the last Autopromotec, the biennial international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket, which was held in Bologna from 22 to 26 May, 2019. However, both companies are already working on the design of new models. The aim is to continue developing and enhancing both brands, CEMB and M&B, on the market.

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