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Made in Italy and appreciated worldwide

Francesca Paoli, CEO and Federico Galloni, partner and General Manager, talk to us about the development of the Company


Mino De Rigo

Rugged and lightweight as a hi-tech armor, compact and as easy to handle as a joystick, balanced and powerful as a revolver. Why, even a routine tool widely taken for granted, like an impact wrench, the faithful working companion for each tire fitter, the most extensively used tool when it comes to doing quickly and well. Dino Paoli knew it perfectly, and it didn’t take long before " the Paoli" became, in the jargon of the experts, a synonym of the tool as well as offering a special Formula 1 version  directly to Enzo Ferrari, who in 1975, immediately enlisted the Reggio Emilia company among its suppliers. Such a recognition, for a company that had been founded only seven years before, opened the doors to a growing number of teams in motorsport, as well as leading it to become a driving force in the automotive segment, from which Dino Paoli today earns half of its turnover and from which it has decided to raise the level of  its competitive challenge also on markets across the border. "Not only in pit stops during a race - says Federico Galloni, General Manager and Partner in the Reggio company - but also in workshops, where the ergonomics and performance of an impact wrench, along with speed and reliability can make a difference." And if the ideal profile is clear, so are the guidelines of research and development for the high end models, the impact wrench designed for motorsports: "Power and speed, efficiency and lightness, in a synthesis that must be continually perfected and which involves the use of sophisticated electronic technologies and materials such as the alloys used by the aerospace industry”.


Perfect tightness in all conditions

Hence, then, the transfer onto commercial products of all the technology developed in the pit lanes of F1, GP2, IRl, DTM, Formula Nippon and FiaGt, as well as in Endurance, Indy, Nascar, Alms, and F3000. "The current development of new products - says Galloni - follows the path already traced by the company, and in this case secrecy is a must. In general, though, it aims to satisfy the demands of teams, focused on increasing lightness, power and tightening precision: electronics has been introduced mainly to measure torque and tightening angle, which we are now able to determine with absolute precision thanks to a special patented solution”. And the most recent example of technology transfer from motorsport to commercial products is the TSA, Torque & Angle Sensor, already adopted on impact wrenches for the trucking industry. "With this system, - says Francesca Paoli, CEO of the company founded by her father Dino- we are sure to reach the exact tightening degree of the bolts indicated by the maker of the vehicle". A solution that prevents possible damages to the thread and the wheel, thanks to a “mechatronic brain" that allows you to preset the required torque; once reached, there is a warning light on the wrench cover that signals when to stop and can also record and display on the screen of a PC (connected via an interface), each sequence. "Since the working conditions of an impact wrench in a workshop are always somewhat difficult, there is a need to ensure resistance and duration, which must be combined with reliability and power."


Scheduled maintenance for safety requirements

Something like a small “panzer” on which the experts can fully rely even and especially during hectic times, such as the work peaks that correspond to seasonal tire changes. "Giving our utmost attention, however - warns Galloni -  to the working conditions of the whole system of which the impact wrench is just the final element. Because even the most powerful model, installed in a system that isn’t fully effective or properly maintained, will not operate according to its standard. As for durability, a truck  impact wrench can maintain its performance well beyond two years of daily use without any special interventions". Of course, routine maintenance plays an important role in preserving the full functionality of the tool.


From automotive to industrial applications

If it is true that motorsport represents the most challenging test bed, it also appears to be a continuous and fruitful source of inspiration: "Either we take  full responsibility in creating new technologies or we cooperate on various projects with teams that not only have the economic power and technical expertise to support cutting-edge developments, but also recognize our undisputed leadership in motorsport". The image return generated by the presence in sporting competitions with the greatest media coverage is combined with a rich mix of promotional and marketing activities. 14 agents cover the whole Italian territory, but the strength of the brand is  equally expressed abroad, where 70% of the production is directed. Francesca Paoli explains: "We’ve considered Europe as our home market for some time now, and the target of recent years has revolved around projecting the brand beyond the continental borders. Favoring Anglo-Saxon markets, starting with the United States, where both our brand and our products are really appreciated". The Russian and Chinese markets, on the other hand, are still in an embryonic state, "though, especially the latter, with enormous potential. Another area of ​​interest is South America, which, although still marginal for the motorsport sector, is showing very interesting prospects for the industrial division, ranging from shipbuilding to construction. We are moving successfully into Chile, Peru and Brazil, and we have started, among other things, supplying tools for mining vehicles as well as for oil & gas plants in the same countries". And here, Paoli’s strategy includes a range of accessories and unprecedented features: "Technical solutions such as functional suspended trolleys - says Paoli - that allow you to reduce noise, as well as  weight and vibration, working and sitting with the tool suspended from a cable, thus improving working conditions".





A true icon of “made in Italy”, Dino Paoli can build on the experience gathered over half a century thanks to the entrepreneurial skills and human qualities of its founder. In whose steps the daughters have followed guaranteeing the future of the company after he passed away in 2008. Ranging over three different sectors, motorsports, automotive and industry, the production includes pneumatic and hydraulic impact wrenches alongside other tools and accessories. Every year, over 2 thousand impact wrenches leave the Reggio Emilia firm and at least as many other products. Among the high-end products we find the RedDevil “Street legal” for cars and the Dp 150 for heavy duty vehicles, while the new top-of-the-range destined to the pit lanes of F1, Gp2 and Irl is marked Dp 5000 Ti: only 3,5 kg thanks to a magnesium alloy handle and a carbon fiber protective cover. 


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