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Motor Show 2016


From December 3 to 11 Bologna goes back to being the motor city: the 2016 Motor Show, the “revival” edition, looks at launching a new innovative and well-structured format, dealing with all the aspects related to the future of mobility. The keyword, though, remains the same: passion! 

Guido Gambassi

The Motor Show returns to Bologna, and it does so with the ambition of becoming the largest automotive event in Italy. Following the change of the event organizer, from GL Events to Bologna Fiere, and two cancelled editions in 2013 and 2015, the fortieth anniversary edition (it was in fact back in 1976 that the motor show adventure began) aspires at reviving the salon much to the delight of car enthusiasts, with a new and upgraded format, based on the changes that both the automotive industry and market are undergoing, turning the spotlight on the excitement and passion for cars and engines. A passion that the 2016 format will manifest in all its forms: business, market, sport, heritage, design, technology, performance, efficiency and culture.  A format that, in the wake of a positive trend for the Italian market and a renewed general interest in the automotive world, aims at keeping up to date with the different scenarios affecting the industry. Year after year, in fact, new models are launched on the market and not only,  technologies also evolve, market approaches differ along with the needs and requirements of motorists, not to mention mobility patterns and future prospects. Hence the basic idea behind the 2016 Motor Show is a 360°, full-immersion in the automotive industry, an experiential approach that links the new cars on display, areas dedicated to sales, classic car exhibitions, exciting performances by great drivers, as well as the opportunity to unveil all the secrets of the cars on display through some of their key components ending with in-depth meetings on some of the industry’s hottest topics. A Motor Show targeting young people, universities, start-ups, with virtual and digital challenges to stimulate ideas about the future of mobility. However, the event will also take place in the name of pragmatism, becoming a global showroom, a huge test drive facility dedicated to enthusiasts who, throughout dedicated areas made available by all manufacturers,  will see firsthand numerous national premieres, dozens of new car models to be tested and professional drivers ready to support them. Of course, electric and hybrid technologies will receive great attention along with the challenges facing the future of mobility.


After years in which marketing focused on short term strategies, the trend is now reversing, and car makers are going back to work on the image and the processes found upstream of the purchasing choice; given these assumptions, the Motor Show could, therefore, become the manufacturer’s best opportunity to involve the general public.


Talking about its ability to involve the masses, the Bolognese salon has historically been characterized by great passion : the roar of the engines, spectacular performances, the races as well as other track events. Therefore, in its quest to revive the event, great sport events will take place too, with a rich calendar of events  in collaboration with ACI Sport and Carrara Fiere in the "48 Racing Arena" the "racing heart" of this edition. The area outside the exhibition halls will host once again the “Bettega Memorial” and many other sports events. Bikers will also enjoy a great “feast” with dedicated freestyle programs, super-cross, super-motards and quads. Moreover, a new area, managed by Carrara Fiere,  will be dedicated to off-road events, such as a 4x4 Fest complete with obstacles, jumps and many spectacular solutions that will enable experts and amateurs alike to test both 4x4s and SUVs to their limits.


Additionally, a new partnership with Autopromotec,  one of the most important organizations on the automotive trade fair scene, represents a new important feature of this edition: in the "Tech & Innovation Experience" hall, the Italian automotive industry, one of the most qualified in the world, will exhibit its products and will give visitors the opportunity to “touch” all the technological developments and processes involved in creating the cars of their dreams. Safety, cost savings, reduced consumption and emissions, connectivity, performance, are all crucial mobility issues, which are being dealt with by system builders and component manufacturers as well as their commitment to research and innovation. If it is true, as several analysts insist,  that,  within 5 years,  mobility will experience a new big technological leap, starting with self-driving vehicles, a number of dedicated areas will allow the general public to see and discover what's inside these cars and what the future holds.


Hall 25 will host “Passione Classica” a classic car exhibition organized as a tribute to the 40-year-long history of the event: 4,500 square meters with hundreds of models that have made automotive history in Italy and the rest of the world, coming from the most important Italian car museums, private collections and classic car clubs. A project that wants to be a journey into the most significant periods of automotive history, and a showcase for tourist driving, which finds in Italy’s MotorValley its natural home. Furthermore, a new initiative called “Motor Show Off” has been planned to bolster the direct relationship between the event and the surrounding territories with events, exhibitions and meetings that will involve the entire city.  After all, reviving the Motor Show represents not only a strong economic investment (strictly confidential at this stage) but also a strong political commitment for the local institutions, focusing on the involvement of the whole city and the prospect of re-launching not only the event but also the exhibition center and its role as a major attraction for the city. A concerted effort, with a future outlook, at a time of great changes for the automotive industry: the conditions for a great revival are all there, and on December 3, when engines start firing on all cylinders, we’ll be able to touch first-hand the future of both the Motor Show and the automotive industry.

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