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Besides traditional tractor and trailer tires, Eima showcased several wheels, rims and tires for special vehicles with very specific needs

Massimo Condolo

Farming equipment such as trailers, garden tractors and special machines have very specific needs, often met with unusual technical solutions (often they are not even pneumatic, but in solid rubber or plastic), responsible for boosting an already dynamic market both as OEM products and replacements. During Eima, recently held in Bologna (7-11 November 2018), an extensive review of such products was presented to the public. These may well represent an opportunity for tire dealers operating in small towns or regions with a traditional farming vocation, to expand their business, not to mention the industrial sector, given the across-the-board applications of many products.


Semi-pneumatic tires for fields and gardens

Otico is a leading French designer, manufacturer and seller of "self-cleaning agricultural wheels and rollers" for farm machinery. Its Farmflex wheels, have no internal pressure and are therefore not prone to punctures, have a self-cleaning design and are able to effectively dampen shocks and impacts. The compounds, designed for intensive use guarantee high durability. The patented Rim Inside System allows the rim to rest on the tire, guaranteeing considerable resistance to side loads, which means high-precision seeding and a consistent radius of the wheel regardless of the load. The Ris system is available on several types of profiles. Gardening, on the other hand, is where the Gold SP series by the Italian firm Tecnoruote feels perfectly at home, a semi-solid, wide and flat profile; the entire series boasts high resistance to punctures and superior elasticity, combined with reduced weight and ball bearings integrated in the hub. The Gold SP series is available in three sizes: 4” and 5", with a capacity ranging from 118 to 170 kg and a maximum speed of 15 km/h.


Hobby and logistics, special needs

The RhinoTuff Tires range by OTR Wheel Engineering, caters for small, medium and large quads and tractors for professional use as well as leisure time. The 18 models include directional, non-directional and symmetrical designs, several levels of ground aggression and different working pressures to meet a wide range of professional needs being gentle on turf and able to guarantee high traction on demanding terrains. Industrial applications are also well cared for (platforms, tele-handlers, skid-steer), for which the US company is an important OEM supplier. The catalogue includes single or double-compound tires, traditional and puncture-resistant models filled with polyurethane foam and recycled rubber powder. The brand's offer is completed by pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and solid rubber tires or plastic wheels for forklifts and other internal handling equipment, single or double-compound, and solid wheels for small cargo handling vehicles.


Large wheels in the field

From Starco a new twin-wheel version for powerful tractors, further improved with Emc2 spacers, which undergo a double calibration process at the factory.

The wheels can now be assembled by a single person, thanks also to the new tie rods; these, like all Starco aftermarket solutions, undergo the same treatment used on OEMs. The complete 10" HT Pro wheel for hay tedders comes with tubeless tires, rather unusual seeing that the tires normally used for these applications have inner tubes. Another complete system is the HS Flotation, for medium and high power tractors, which, thanks to its high inflation pressure, can reach a speed of 65 km/h on the road.


Tar road miniature tires

La Casa delle Ruote is a Varese-based brand specialized in small and niche markets. Among its products we find a complete range of trailer tires, approved for speeds of up to 140 km/h (with an excellent safety margin compared to the maximum allowed speed of 80 km/h). Suitable also for various farming vehicles, they are available as 195/50, 195/55 and 205/50 for 10" wheels, 225/44 by 12" (with 8, 10 or 12-ply tires) and 195/50 by 13" (radials). They come with four or five-hole 10” metal wheels, while the holes are only five in larger sizes. Load capacities range from 750 to 1120 kg depending on the size.

Malz is also a highly specialised wheel maker; the Reggio Emilia-based firm offers, among other things, a range of heavy load capacity wheels made of high resistance steel for super-elastic or pneumatic high ply rating tires for agriculture and industry, with hub or axle mounting and with elastic or pneumatic wheels. The offer covers sizes ranging from 4 to 9". The HS series tires with symmetrical design are suitable for trailers and farming work, with high load capacity, and come in several sizes for 8 and 10" wheels with load capacities ranging from 550 to 750 kg. New additions to the industrial range include complete tire-wheels units, super-elastic dual-compound and 3C tire treads, conventional or non-marking, designed for warehouse cargo handling, industrial cleaning machines, airport applications and suitable for both internal combustion engine and electric vehicles.

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