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On and off the road with conti crosstrac



A new range of tires that blends technological contents normally found  on road tires as well as on-site products. Continental launches a new product designed to maximize efficiency both on and off the road, making the most of several integrated solutions and services.

Guido Gambassi

Conti CrossTrac is the new range of tires that Continental has specifically developed to offer an important, competitive and sustainable tool to companies operating in and out of construction sites. A twofold challenge, commercial and technological, for the German manufacturer. As far as the market is concerned, this particular segment is proving increasingly interesting, even strategic, given that the world demographic scenario is witnessing a strong urban growth, and as Continental explains "the migration of people towards urban centres in the last 70 years has been quite significant. In 1950, only 30% of the world's population lived in cities: this percentage is expected to grow to around 66% by 2050. "This means a strong demand for housing, roads and infrastructure, especially in developing areas. In Europe, the building sector is recovering after long years of stagnation, years in which companies have become accustomed to using budget products aiming for immediate savings. Conti CrossTrac's challenge, therefore, is to convince operators to return to a premium product, showing that only quality, combined with prevention and accurate planning can truly guarantee significant savings. But how? Well, according to Continental, technology is the answer. A solid and lasting product that combines the know-how and characteristics of products made for on-and-off road use as well as on-site operations, maximizing duration with a suitable retreading program, not to mention fleet management services and solutions to keep tire pressure and temperature under control in real time, cutting down on fuel consumption and breakdowns.

In order to ensure the best balance between on-road and off-road performance, CrossTrac tires have been developed with an innovative tread design  and state-of-the-art compounds, providing the  ultimate balance between pit and paved-road performance. In particular, the base compound is perfect to ensure low rolling resistance and higher mileage, while the cap compound is designed to maximize traction, outstanding robustness and chip and chunk resistance, thus reconciling, according to Continental's technicians, the sometimes conflicting needs when different applications are required, obtaining a product that proves to be perfectly at ease in construction sites or quarries as well as on the road, with its balanced flexibility combined to high durability, traction and strength, in addition to high mileage, smooth handling and reduced fuel consumption.

The final result was well highlighted at the tire’s launch event, which took place in the spring at the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Centre in Malaga, where several fully loaded tipper trucks carried out tests downhill, through corners and braking at “high” speed, as well as uphill starts, demonstrating the great stability and traction qualities, even in reverse, of Continental’s CrossTrac tires.

Customers, for obvious reasons, look for maximum efficiency and this means creating a product that can last as long as possible, thus Continental uses its ContiLifeCycle concept, to guarantee multiple life cycles without drops in terms of safety or performance: Conti CrossTrac tires are designed to have a second and even a third life thanks to dedicated retreading solutions. Continental’s hot retread solution is marketed under the ContiRe brand and produced in Continental’s retreading plant, while cold retreads provide for pre-vulcanized treads, produced by a network of selected retreaders, and sold under the ContiTread brand. The flexible and transparent casing management completes the ContiLifeCycle concept: Continental offers a casing management service that includes inspection and purchasing, storage and transport, and, where necessary, final disposal. Making full use of a tire’s potential through retreading and efficient handling of the casings will not only reduce overall running costs, but save energy and raw materials as well.


Digital solutions to promote efficiency and safety

Besides retreading, an additional solution offered by Continental to maximize tire performance lies in constant tire pressure monitoring: under-inflated tires are often the main cause of damages and the consequent request for road-side assistance, not to mention that, on average, one third of the tires in a fleet is under-inflated, which negatively affects fuel consumption and increases the risk of damage. In order to guarantee safety and efficiency, Continental created ContiPressureCheck, a digital monitoring systems for individual vehicles, and ContiConnect, dedicated to fleets as a whole. Both systems make use of special sensors embedded in the tires to constantly monitor temperature and air pressure, all data that can be viewed later on a digital device, which can be located inside the cabin, or a Yard Reading Station or even a website that keeps an eye on the entire fleet. Alerts and warnings signals have been studied to draw the fleet manager's attention towards any necessary interventions, thus making it possible, according to Continental, to reduce breakdowns by up to 80%, depending on the use of the tire.

Finally, these monitoring systems are perfectly supported by two additional assistance programs: ContiFleetCheck, which records the pressure, the tread depth and the mileage of the tires, as well as any damages and tire wear, generating a detailed report after each inspection; ContiFleetReporting, on the other hand, provides fleet managers with a complete tire performance analysis, showing how to reduce running costs.





Conti CrossTrac offer for 2018 includes the following sizes:

Steering Axle                         Drive Axle                              Trailer Axle

Conti CrossTrac HS3             Conti CrossTrac HD3           Conti CrossTrac HT3

385/65 R 22.5                       315/80 R 22.5*                     385/65 R 22.5*

315/80 R 22.5*                     13 R 22.5*     

13 R 22.5*


*All main sizes will be available on request as smart tires, already equipped with all the needed sensors. Smart sensors that constantly measure the tire temperature and air pressure providing the necessary data to Continental's tire monitoring systems, ContiPressureCheckTM and ContiConnectTM, displayed on the vehicle dashboard or on an Internet website through which the entire fleet can be monitored.





The following sizes will be available as hot retread solutions under the ContiRe brand:


Steering Axle                           Drive Axle                             Trailer Axle

ContiReCrossTrac HS3        ContiReCrossTrac HD3        ContiReCrossTrac HT3

315/80 R 22.5                       315/80 R 22.5                       385/65 R 22.5




New “shoes” also for earthmovers; in fact Continental created the ContiEarth range, which consists of two lines of tires, the EM-Master and the RDT-Master. The EM-Master line for articulated dumpers, blades and dozers is available in two versions with a different tread design, the E3/L3 version, which favours traction, manoeuvrability and self-cleaning properties on soft and muddy soils, and the E4 / L4 version, studied to offer superior casing protection, resistance to damage, traction and smoothness on hard and rocky surfaces. The RDT-Master line, instead, is destined for rigid dump trucks, and is designed to offer high stability, durability and good traction even at “high” speed over long distances. Both EM-Master and RDT-Master tires are equipped with integrated sensors already set up for the ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect tire pressure monitoring systems.

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