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Not just tires…



Tire specialists might find a viable business opportunity in Lampa’s wide range of spare parts and accessories, enhancing the customer experience without neglecting to boost sales volumes. The Mantua based company has recently issued a catalogue of selected products designed to meet the needs of every tire dealer.

Nicoletta Ferrini

Widening one’s business vision enhancing, at the same time, a motorist's customer experience when having to spend time in the workshop, is the spirit  behind Lampa’s offer – a well established B2B distributor of accessories and spare parts with over 8,000 customers in Italy and 300 in other countries . After addressing specialized stores, service centres and repair shops, the Mantua based company has now placed tire dealers firmly in its sight. "The Lampa corner, commonly found inside most retail points and service centres, can represent a moment of relaxation for customers waiting for their cars to be serviced - explains Fabio Bozzolini, commercial director of Lampa. Here a customer can pleasantly “kill time” looking at and possibly buying accessories and items for his or her vehicle, be it a car, a motorcycle, a truck, a campervan or even a bicycle. On the other hand, this can represent a business extension even for the workshop. Among the benefits we find: extra service to customers, thus increasing satisfaction and loyalty as well as higher turnover and profits". A strategic win-win operation for all aftermarket specialists. Increasing the breadth and depth of one’s offer is in fact one of the sector’s most popular choices.


Tailor-made for tire dealers

For some years now, Lampa has decided to expand its reference market moving beyond its traditional customers, for example, spare parts dealers. "We believe that our offer could be particularly interesting for specialized aftermarket retailers as much as for hardware stores, small workshops and large multi-service centres", confirms Bozzolini. And now Lampa has set its sight also on tire specialists. "We have always looked at this distribution channel with great interest, but only recently we designed an offer able to meet the specific needs of this type of customer". A clear demonstration of this comes from a recent agreement with Driver, Pirelli’s retail network. "In the wake of this new partnership we decided to implement new dedicated commercial policies”. The Lampa general catalogue already includes about 300 items strictly connected to tires and wheels, besides a number of consumable articles used by tire specialists. Early this year Lampa issued a new catalogue dedicated to the tire sector with about 2000 selected items, considered to be particularly interesting for tire dealers. "Later in the year, we will likely enter into similar trade agreements as the one signed with Driver - announced Fabio Bozzolini. Within a year we plan to approach and possibly become partners of at least a thousand tire specialists, dealers and operators offering tire and wheel related services".


B2B mission

Lampa’s readiness in responding to the current needs of the B2B market represents an obvious advantage. In order to meet the "dispersive" purchasing behaviour of most final consumers, Lampa has in fact structured its marketing approach to deal with anything that might be potentially interesting for aftermarket operators and not only: from air fresheners to mobile phone brackets, from car mats to seat covers, from ski holders to snow chains and much more. "We are interested in everything that travels on wheels whether cars, motorcycles or even bicycles - confirms Lampa’s commercial director.  In over forty years of activity, we have always looked at going beyond the boundaries of a single sector. Our product range, in fact, includes items that are not directly linked to motor vehicles as such, but can be complementary to its use". This has long been part of the company's DNA. The history of Lampa  started from scratch in the 60s with its founder, Aldo Marutti, literally going  door to door with a bicycle and a few items in the basket. From then on, the company has grown continuously over time. The growth became exponential starting from the 80s, when Marutti's sons took over the management of the company. Shortly after that, Lampa became a familiar name in the sector thanks to its extensive catalogue, which was soon to become a benchmark in the B2B sector. In the same period, the company became a Joint-stock company  with the capital deposited entirely by the Marutti family. At the end of the 90s, Lampa began to move beyond the boundaries of the automotive sector, integrating its offer first with a line of products for bicycles and later for motorcycles, trucks, campervans and even phones. Lampa’s general catalogue currently boasts more than 20,000 different items. However, for some years now, customer service represents the distinctive element of the company's offer, thanks, no doubt, to an incredibly wide and varied range of products. "We believe that customer service is the main competitive lever we can offer our customers - illustrates Bozzolini. Being a partner means to be able to guarantee a fast, efficient and professional service without having to invest in an expensive warehouse. In fact we can store and manage our customer’s products". Lampa has, in fact, developed an extremely efficient and competitive logistics program, increasing its performance and the perceived value of its distribution services, not to mention the hefty investments made in  physical assets. At the moment, Lampa’s network in Italy includes a logistics hub in Viadana of about 25,000 square metres, plus five other territorial depots located in Cagliari, Florence, Padua, Rome and Teramo. The company is thus in the position to cover the entire peninsula, guaranteeing 24hours delivery times throughout Italy, or just about. In some cases, in Northern Italy, same-day deliveries are possible.

The Viadana plant is one of the symbols of the renovation which began in the early 2000s thanks to the third generation of the Marutti family, now at the helm of the company, and more specifically to their decision to move the company headquarters from its original location to a nearby industrial area. Here, a new structure integrates the administrative offices as well as logistics and distribution activities previously handled in four different warehouses distributed throughout the province of Mantua.

The new Lampa logistics centre became fully operational in September 2003. The soaring sales volumes were soon met by a more substantial offer (which rapidly went from 2,000 to over 20,000 items) which led not only to a doubling of the turnover in a few years, but also to an expansion and upgrading of the facility. As a result, within three years, from  2014 to 2017, the warehouse was able to increase its picking stock from 12,000 to 40,000 items. The modern and technologically advanced structure, was built following an innovative operating concept: bringing the product to the specialist and not the other way around. Inside this logistic hub, an automated warehouse system capable of handling 40,000 items is operating, and responsible for moving about 9,000 items every day.


Customized advice

All this in view of starting and consolidating close partnerships with specialized dealers and operators in the aftermarket sector. For this reason, Lampa customers know they can always count on years of experience in the field. Among the services offered by Lampa we find "turnkey" projects for setting up their Lampa-corners inside the customer's point of sale or workshop. This includes not only the support in the selection of the product range to offer, but also the definition of the spaces and structures: from the display elements – the Lampa catalogue includes about fifty references in terms of exhibition material – to the layout within the workshop area, whether an in-line display or on three sides, up to the design of an extended 4x4x4 metre layout. "In the last seven years, we have positioned about 8,000 metres of shelving throughout Italy - explains Fabio Bozzolini. On demand, we can also build customized items. The additional value we offer - concludes our interlocutor - has always been the passion that we try to transmit and share with our customers through our work".

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