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Nokian launches the new Snowproof P winter tire

Scandinavian tire maker Nokian Tires launches a new winter UHP product designed for the Central European market. The new Nokian Snowproof P stands out as a modern combination of high performance handling and grip. The new Alpine Performance from Nokian Tires guarantees safety in everyday driving thanks to improved traction, reduced braking space and cornering stability. According to a consumer survey carried out by Nokian Tires, almost 60% of Central European motorists believe that specialised winter tires are the most important safety feature in the winter months. Almost 70% of those surveyed recognised grip and handling as two of the most valuable features when it comes to safety in extreme situations, such as snow-covered roads and mud. Among high-performance car owners, particularly appreciated were grip on dry roads, precise handling at high speed and comfort. The launch of a new UHP winter tire seems the natural consequence of the expansion of Nokian Tires into the Central European market. Nokian Snowproof P offers the following speed ratings: H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h) and its wide selection of sizes includes 55 products between 17 and 21 inches.  The new Nokian Snowproof P will be available to customers in the autumn of 2020. Nokian Tires' versatile winter range for cars and SUVs includes Nokian Snowproof, Nokian WR D4 and Nokian WR SUV 4. The extensive range designed for some of the latest vehicles on the market includes around 200 sizes.

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